Do you love yourself? Les Brown said, "Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those closest to you despite their faults." How do you show love to yourself? Each of us has our own unique ways to show how we love and care for ourselves. But, they don't happen often. Tired of that? Then, grab one of these fantastic Self Care Planner Templates in Apple Pages! These are printable, easily editable, and 100% customizable. These are available in A4 & US. Don't miss any of these! What are you waiting for? Grab and download now! 

How to Create a Self Care Planner in Apple Pages

A survey reports that 6.6% of 25 years old and older Americans involved themselves every day in self-care, which are health-related. Are you one of these Americans or not? Regardless of that, we must practice self-care. Our health is our wealth, after all. Sadly, sometimes, we forget to take care of ourselves because of different reasons. If you want to be serious with doing self care activities, you need to plan.

Planning doesn't have to be so stressful. All you need is a self care planner. No idea on how to make one? Here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Get a Planner

To make things manageable for you, get a self care planner. Planners help you plan and track your activities. Some people use a notebook, a digital planner, or a bullet journal as their life planner. However, if you want to start a self care planner quickly, download a template. This site has different sets of high-quality planners that help you with self care ideas.

2. Divide the Planner into Sections

You have to organize your planner. To do that, divide it into sections. You can't incorporate your daily planner, weekly planner, and monthly planner into one page. As much as possible, you have to give each category its own space. Create a space for each self care section like beauty care, emotional self care, mood tracker, and gratitude. This way, you can track the self care activities you need to do, and when to do them, like a schedule planner This helps you organize your planner and make it easy to track.

3. Get Creative

Once you know the things to include on your personal planner, fill each page with design. Paste images and put colors on it. Give it life. Adding designs to your planner helps you become more engaged in opening and using the planner. If you want a simple and plain planner, you don't have to shower your planner with designs at all. It's your planner, you can do whatever you want with it. Designing the planner is up to you. It's your taste that counts.

4. Assess the Self Care Activities You Need to Do

After categorizing your planner, assess the things you need as your self care activities. Are you very stressed lately? What do you think are the de-stressing activities you need? Evaluate the meals you are eating for the past weeks. Are they healthy or not? If not, how would you improve them on your meal planner? You can research for a self care assessment worksheet or a self care plan worksheet. After that, find out the best self care activities that fit you.

5. List Your Self Care Activities

Lastly, list the activities you need. For example, you can make a checklist of your morning self care activities, and then the evening activities. Make sure that you put the date when you'll do those activities. These activities become your reminders. Scan your planner every day to keep you reminded. Make it a habit to check your planner every day so that you become engaged in your self care activities.

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