Working in the SEO industry is not as easy as it seems. You need to do research on the best words that can propel your site to the first page results of search engines. Recruiting the people you need for the team can be quite difficult too. Our SEO Job Description Templates will help you get the most competent people for your team. The templates contain original content and artwork that spare you the effort of writing from scratch. These are downloadable and printable anytime and anywhere. You can also get the templates in Google Docs and Pages formats. Hire the best people by downloading our templates today! 

What Is a SEO Job Description?

A SEO job description is a document that states the duties and responsibilities of an employee working in that particular department.

How to Write a SEO Job Description

According to Web FX, companies spend more than $65 billion for SEO purposes annually. This amount can give enough wages for people working in the SEO industry. If you want to get the best people in your SEO team, you need to write an effective job description.

Read our tips in creating a SEO job description.

1. Summarize the Job

Give a short summary of the job, so applicants have an idea of the position that you're offering. One sentence is enough for a job summary. Avoid writing a long one.

2. List the Duties

This part states the duties and responsibilities of an employee in the SEO department. Make a list of the expected tasks and the scope of work for the job. Make sure that this list is realistic and aligns well with the nature of the job.

3. Include Skills

The skills and qualifications of the job talks about what an applicant can do for the company. Skills may include writing, web design, link building, and handling backlinks while qualifications are years of experience and educational background.

4. Prompt a Response

Have a sense of urgency in your job description by making applicants submit their resumes as soon as possible. Leave your contact information, so the applicant can contact you for inquiries.

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