What is a Service Flyer?

Service flyers are pieces of a formal document that would contain information about the offered service of a certain company. Whether you own a cleaning, event, car, computer repair or web design company, a flyer is a go-to when it comes to a cheap yet effective way of advertising. There are two types of service flyers that can be made: electronic or hard-copy flyers.

How to Create a Service Flyer?

Service flyers are effective to grab the attention of the aspiring customers that would want to avail your company's service. To make it happen, you would need a service flyer that is beautifully and artistically designed for attention-grabbing. Well, to make your service flyer stand out among the others, here are some tips and techniques that you can apply to make your sample flyers boom.

1. Well-Written Headline

The headline would be the gateway to your service flyer. Make it powerful and provocative by using unusual words. There are popular words that can be used in your title. For instance, if you provide a handyman service, you can input "The Secrets for a Sturdy House Lies Within Us."

2. Use Salient Graphics

One noticeable image would outpower many small images. A marvelous photo or animation would grab the attention, sets the mood and would support your story. You can buy your own inexpensive stock photos on the internet or you can take it yourself for a sense of authentication.

2. Focus unto your Main Strength

Your customer would ask as to how it would be beneficial to them to have your service flyer. To answer them, provide information that would focus on your service business' main strength. You can write it from their point of view and avoid using we, us, I or our into it. Keep your text brief and straight to the point. Chunk your paragraphs using bullets or by placing them in a separate content box.

3. Provide Testimonies

Testimonies from customers would be a great addition to the impact of your service flyer. Customers wanted to see satisfied and happy customers that availed your services as it would give them a sense of relief and authentication. In including customer's testimonies, you need to include the full name, company name and the location of the person that provided the statement. For instance, if you provide security services, you can request for the companies that you offered services a testimony stating that you provide excellent service when it comes to security.

4. Organize your Content

Wall-to-wall text unto your service flyer is highly discouraged. Incorporate some spaces for other elements to stand out and it would make your simple flyer readable. Also, make your points identifiable as it is the main purpose of making this service flyer. Highlight the title and subtitles but do not use all caps into your text as it would be difficult to read.

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