From contractor agencies to car repair shops, there’s a professional service for practically anything these days. And, when it comes to running such businesses, there are all kinds of documents that need taking care of. These documents include invoices, which are important for confirming your labor payments. Do you need help with your billing? Then consider using one of our easily editable Service Invoice Templates! Cut down on the tedium by quickly customizing our samples, which are compatible with Google Sheets for convenient online use. So, don’t delay much longer and download now--utilize our content and put together your own service invoice without breaking a sweat!

How to Make a Service Invoice in Google Sheets

According to an article from Investopedia (A business and finance resource), invoices are crucial for recording transactions between a business and its clients. That goes the same for service-oriented jobs, be it as a freelance photographer, software programmer, or food caterer.

Do you need a hand with making a service invoice in Google Sheets? No problem--just read through our tips (below) and get all the knowledge that you need!

1. Your Service Invoice’s Title

The first thing that needs your attention is the document’s name. Once you have a new file open in Google Sheets, enter your invoice’s title at the top. As you come up with the title’s contents, go with something that’s fairly descriptive about the invoice’s contents--like “Interior Design Service Invoice” or “Financial Consultant Invoice.”

2. Service Invoice Information

After entering your invoice title, there are several important bits of detail that need writing down just below. Start with your company or business’s information, which includes the name, address, and contact details. Then, input the same kind of information about the customer, as well.

Next, there’s also the details about the invoice itself. For this, enter the invoice ID number, order ID number, and invoice date.

3. The Service Invoice’s Order Details

Now it’s time for writing about the order itself. Reserve several columns for the category headers--Description, Rendered Hours/Quantity, Hourly Rate/Unit Price, Amount. Below the Amount column, reserve cells for Subtotal, Tax, Discount, and Grand Total.

For better readability in your invoice, apply highlight colors on the category headers and the Grand Total.

4. Transfer Your Service Invoice to a Word Document

With your invoice’s main body now complete, move the contents over to a word-processing application (such as Google Docs). Highlight all of the applicable cells in Google Sheets and then simply use the copy and paste functions to transfer everything to the desired document page. Any customization that was done to the cells (text size, cell format, colors, etc.) also carries over in the transfer.

At the bottom of your new document, enter any additional content your invoice needs--payment terms, remarks, and so on. Don’t forget about inserting your business’s logo in one of the upper corners.

Now that you’ve taken in all of our tips, preparing printable or digital service invoices will be a piece of cake from here on! Don’t be shy about coming about if you ever need to do a review or need to download one of our Service Invoice Templates!

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