How to Create a Services Invitation in Word

As a form of an announcement of a particular service event that you're putting together, it's important to send out formal invitations to the guests and participants. Our guidelines below will help you create a quality services invitation using Microsoft Word, and these will work for both solemn and celebratory events.

1. Indicate the Service Event's Title

The title used for the service invitation must showcase the official name of the event that's being organized. This way, the recipients of the invitation will right away know or at least have an idea of what the event is about.

2. Honor the Celebrant

If the service event is a celebration of someone's significant milestone in life, you must honor them by including their name in the invitation. Of course, you must write their complete name while putting emphasis on it by enlarging the font size. This is also applicable for funeral services, the name of the deceased should be indicated in the invitation.

3. Answer the When and Where

Like most materials used to advertise events such as tickets and posters, your invitation must provide answers to the when and where of the event. Indicate the date and time that the event will take place and specify the address where the event will be held.

4. Write a Short Letter

Aside from simply being a mere invitation, it should also act as a letter. You can write a message that briefly explains the background of the event and why you are strongly anticipating for their attendance.

5. Design the Invitation

A service invitation must have excellent aesthetic quality for it to be enticing and true to its purpose. With that said, make sure to add graphics and design elements such as illustrations, shapes, and colors.

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