What is a Service Invoice?

A service invoice is a formal document that provides a detailed amount to be paid by your client for a professional service you delivered. This is associated with services offered by people on freelance occupations, consulting services, tutorial services, janitorial labor, and other repair services to a specific client.

How to Make a Service Invoice

Having a service invoice does an efficient job of keeping track with your billing and record-keeping. At the same time, it aids in resolving disputes between you and your clients. Create one with ease by simply following these steps on how to make a service invoice.

1. Create a Header for Your Invoice

Your sample invoice header is an important part of introducing your company to your clients. They want to know who they are transacting with, so provide your company logo and slogan if you have one, and indicate your company information. Likewise, indicate to whom you plan to send your invoice and name your clients. Use a good layout for your invoice and make sure that it's easily read by everyone.

2. Provide Important Details

The most common details an invoice can have are its invoice date and number, the service description you have offered, your client reference number, as well as your service number. But in special cases, some invoices such as a travel invoice will indicate other information such as the number of days traveled and the number of travelers catered during the service period.

3. Indicate the Service Delivered

Each type of service invoice provides different information details. What services are you offering to your clients? Are you tasked to do tree removal on a specific lot or street? An electrician fixing the electrical wiring? Or a contractor in a certain company? Indicate the description of the following services you delivered and present your time rate.

4. Give a Breakdown Of your Service

List down the coverage of your services and materials used. Give a thorough breakdown of your item and indicate their quantity and prices. Include your fees, the total, subtotal, taxes, and the overall amount to be paid. If you are following an hourly rate, a daily rate, or a monthly rate basis for your labor cost, list it as well.

5. Point Out Your Payment Methods

There are a variety of ways for your clients to give their payments. But how you want them to do it depends on your decision. You can have them pay you through cash, checks, credit cards, or online payments. You can be flexible with your payment methods, or you can limit it within 1-2 ways. Give your clients ample time to finish their payments, around a month or so will do.

6. Total and Review Your Cost

Total everything that is listed in your service invoice. Go back to your given breakdown and calculate their total cost. Add your additional charges and tax, and input your grand total. Review your entire invoice and hand it to your clients. Once everything is rechecked and finalized, your transaction is officially complete.

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