The service industry is among the most in-demand component in the business world. That's because most of the transactions and encounters in the market are customer and service-oriented. Because of the intensity of professional service operations, services manager receive decent amounts of annual salary. If you have the experience and skills to work as one, then why not apply for it. See to it that when you apply, submit a sharp and well-crafted resume with the help of our 100% customizable Services Manager Resume Templates. Each of these resume files allows you to have a decent-looking resume effortlessly. Personalize a template of your choice in Apple Pages and MS Word. Become a services manager in the near future by downloading these resume templates now!     

What is a Services Manager Resume?

A services manager resume is a type of experience resume that elaborates on the profile, background, and credentials of an aspiring services manager. An applicant for a service manager job has extensive experience either in the following industries: food service or restaurant, hospitality, sales, administrative services, and many more.

How to Create a Services Manager Resume states that the annual salary of services managers ranges from $32,000 to $71,000, with an average of $50,150. That said, being a services manager is a pretty decent job that pays the monthly bills with some you can save. So if you have prior experience handling hotel guests, representing customers, and working as an assistant, you are a worthy applicant for a services manager job. Should you go for it, make sure to submit a quality resume with the aid of our tips in creating a professional resume below.

1. Make Use of a Quality Formal Photo

Your services manager resume is a representation of yourself. Not just through written form, but also visually. With that fact, you must attach a qualify formal ID photo on it. Let the employer know what you look like in the flesh. And also, it would be best to use a photo that was taken recently, a week or a month old.

2. Emphasize Your Profile

The employer who will receive your resume will certainly want to know who you are. For that reason, you must put emphasis on stating your profile in your resume, which includes your complete name, birth date, gender, and nationality. Make sure to input them accurately based on your birth certificate or any official ID.

3. Market or Sell Yourself

Your resume is somewhat like a marketing flyer. The difference is that a marketing flyer sells business products, and your resume sells or markets you as a worthy services manager job applicant. In that case, you must state all the factors that make you qualified for the job, such as your educational attainment, work experience, and other relevant achievements. You can also include some skills and talents that you possess that fit the job description of a services manager.

4. Set Readable Font Styles

A resume is not a poster ad or banner ad with artistic texts. It's a formal document about yourself. So avoid font styles for your resume's texts that are artistic and hard to read. In doing so, your resume will look more professional, which could convey a good first impression on the employer.

5. Keep the Design Simple

Just like the texts of your resume, you should opt for its design to be simple and formal. Overdoing the design of your resume would diminish its quality. An employer will most certainly view its contents directly, instead of its aesthetic appearance. Simple borders, backgrounds, and color schemes are enough. Before you print and submit your services manager resume, we advise you to pair it with a cover letter.

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