Business operations are getting busier and busier. It can't be leave alone without someone to oversee it. That's what service managers are for. Service managers are entrusted people of company directors to look after the efficiency in giving the company services. If you are an aspiring service manager, don't miss to check out our Services Manager Resume templates to make your comprehensive professional resume. These resume templates are downloadable and editable in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Print them in A4 and US letter sizes and portrait orientation style. Practice your leadership skills and bring out the best in your company's service operations!

How to Write a Services Manager Resume in Pages

The roles and responsibilities of people in higher authority are indeed a load to carry. Regular skills practice makes the difference. Managers, are without doubt, one of these experienced people who perform big tasks. Follow the guide steps below to write a comprehensive services manager resume in Apple Pages to win that managerial post.

1. Manage Your Personal Information

Make an outline of your resume by starting with a rough draft composition. A resume is mostly made up of your personal information that is why it is almost easy to write it. If you are still composing your thoughts for your work experience or professional skills, start with the basic information. Apple Pages is a natural writing application so as you launch the software, you may begin typing your name, contact information, educational background, references, and anything that you can add to give your employer a little background about yourself. Then compose your career objectives. This might be written in a short paragraph, but be careful in integrating your objectives because aside from, it is a part of the resume that is immediately seen by employers, what you write on your career objectives can affect the result of your application. Lastly, make a list of your skills. It would be most appropriate to just include the skills that are applicable in a managerial position. This is so that you can make a justification on how you applied them in different situations to make the information believable.

2. Highlight Your Key Skills

The very purpose of a resume is to market what you can offer to contribute to the company as a whole. Your skills are very important. It helps employers determine if you are qualified for the position, so make sure you give importance to those key skills that you have acquired and practiced in your profession. Employers usually go with experienced professionals for positions such as in a managerial job description. Highlight those that are very applicable to the kind of industry you are aspiring to get into, so it would be easier for the employer to include you in the list of competent applicants for the position.

3. Assemble the Resume

Organize that details you have drafted in Apple Pages blank document. Apply format to the contents of the resume. Use a formal font style, a legible font size, and the software’s text tools to make your text bold, and the like. You can use different font sizes for different details on your resume to give emphasis to the important details. Layout the arrangement of the text contents to have space for your profile picture. Take a look at the resume template you just made and decide for yourself if it is ready for presentation. If you have no idea how to organize the details on your resume, you can grab our services manager resume templates above and modify the contents to make it your own.

4. Customize a Modern Resume

Despite the formal purpose of a resume, it is still considered a graphic document, so you have to mind what your resume looks like. You can keep it a simple resume or turn it into a creative resume. Putting a design will not make your professional resume look informal, but it adds life to the other contents on the resume. Write more modern resumes with our resume templates her on our website. Good luck!

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