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What is an Employee Sheet?

An employee sheet is a sign-in document that is being used to track the employees who are working in a particular organization. The employee sheets are handled by a manager, supervisor, and any other management who keeps the personal information of the employees as well as the working time that is being recorded. This document provides the following data that are important in staffing for full-time employees. Employee sheets can be used for emergency cases to contact someone, attendance purposes, employee performance review, and so on. Typically, the employers would allow the employees to fill out the document upon new employment.

How to Create Employee Sheets

If you are one of the authorities who are handling employees' documents, you can make an employee sheet by using any of the sample sheet templates that can be found online. For whatever purpose, whether it is for employee evaluation or salary allocation, you can use these following guidelines below.

1. Define Your Purpose in Making Employee Sheets

For the first step, you should define your primary purpose in making an employee sheet. Employee sheets may vary into many uses. You have to choose a specific reason as to why you have to keep your employees' data. Are you trying to have a record-keeping purpose? Or are you trying to have an evaluation of your employee's detailed summary of performance? Whatever your goal will be, do not forget to specify your primary purpose into the document.

2. Write Down the Following Information that You Need

Next, write down the following information that you need in your employee sheet. The information that you will incorporate must be connected to your main purpose. For instance, if you are making a simple employee timesheet to assess the attendance of your employees, your pieces of information may range from the working days, the dates, time in, lunch start, lunch end, time out, and the total hours of work.

3. Elaborate the Privacy of the Document

The third step is to elaborate on the privacy policy of the document. The document's privacy will assure the employees that the personal information that they have provided to you will be secured and safe most especially when you are making a personal data sheet. See to it that the information that was being provided is only used for a specific aim.

4. Use a Standard Template For the Employee Sheets

For a more adequate and efficient process, it is best to download a blank sheet template so it will be easy to incorporate the following information you would want to gather from your employees. These templates are already pre-formatted with layouts, and all you have to do is to customize the template by adding your own content.

5. Arrange an Orientation

The last thing to do is to have an orientation for you to inform your employees with the use of the employee sheets. A simple employee sheet may sound ordinary, but it brings a significant role in most company documentations, and your employees have to know about it. You can also elaborate on the employee sheet's privacy policy for them to understand.