What Is an Employee Record Sheet?

An Employee Record Sheet is a type of sheet consisting of an employee's personal information. It can also show the progress of an employee if he/she is currently undergoing training, his/her attendance, etc. Due to the amount of personal information in it, it is deemed as confidential and only employees under Human Resource are allowed to access it. This record sheet may refer to an employee's information upon employment, their absence or attendance.

Employees come and go. It is a question among HR personnel if the personal files of the resigned employee are to be kept or not. It is advisable to keep their files for a minimum of 3 years.

How to Create an Employee Record Sheet?

You have to make sure that an employee record sheet encompasses all the necessary information that it should contain. To create one, we have arranged a select list for you to follow.

1. Identify the Type of Record Sheet

There are various types of the employee record sheet. This may be an employee training record sheet, personnel record, or an employee counseling template. Once you have identified the purpose of the record sheet, then you can start filling in the details.

2. Provide the Necessary Information

After determining the type of simple datasheet, you are going to use, provide the necessary information. Primary features include the employee's name, contact details, age, position, department, immediate head, etc. To save time, download Template.net's Employee Record Sheet for you to be guided. You won't have to keep on wondering what you might have missed because our templates are embedded with suggestive headings. They're free and customizable too!

3. Keep a Digital Copy of the Employee Record Sheet

For future purposes, keep a digital copy of your sample datasheet. This is to prevent you from creating another one---just in case you need another one to print. If there are certain adjustments to be made, you can replace what's already in the sheet---instead of making the whole document.

4. Print

Before printing, don't forget to proofread. Look for spelling errors and missing information. Once everything is finalized, you may now proceed to print your document. Check the ink levels of your printer and don't forget to clean it because it can affect the output of your record sheet.

5. File Accordingly

Once the printable datasheet has been filled up, file the sheet accordingly. It is advisable to compile it in their folders or envelopes for easier tracking. The latest addition must be on top of the other filed documents. You should also make sure that these are stored in a secured drawer or cabinet to prevent prying hands from getting access to it.

6. Update Regularly

New procedures and guidelines will be added or changed over time. Update your sample sheet regularly to keep up with the current rules and regulations. What you should also update is the employee information such as their contact details. Don't throw the old document because it can still be used as your reference.

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