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How To Create A Monthly Sheet in Google Sheets?

A monthly sheet is a document that records and keeps track of your monthly activities. In business, the monthly sheet is used to track the monthly expenses and the attendance of their employees. While at school, a teacher uses a monthly sheet to track the monthly productivity of their students in terms of attendance and participation. You can also create a monthly spending plan for your personal activities. Creating a monthly sheet is simple all you have to do is use our tips on how you can create a monthly sheet using our Templates.

1. Determine the Purpose

You need to determine what is the purpose of your monthly sheet. Is it for school purposes or for business purposes? If your purpose is to have a record of the daily attendance of your employee, then, you need to have an employee record sheet. This sheet shows how an employee is well accountable for going to work every day.

2. Add Details

Adding details such as names is also essential for making a monthly report. Teachers also use monthly sheets to keep track of the attendance record of their students at school and they base their grade accordingly. But that does not limit the use of a monthly sheet. It can also be used to personally track your personal budget for the month, monthly overtime and monthly profit and loss.

3. Format Start to end Dates

Your monthly sheet would not be complete if you do not put dates on it. Dates indicate when would you start and end your monthly activity report. The details indicated under the dates would be your record. It might indicate about your attendance, grades for the week or your personal monthly finance. Using this monthly sheet report would be helpful for company owners, teachers or even housewives to keep track of their business finance, household chores, and student grades.

4. Add Total Tally

At the end of every activity, there should be a tally of everything that an employee or a student has done. Just like a problem, it has a solution and every solution has a conclusion same with making a total tally. To make a total tally, you should have added the scores if you are giving grades to students. after adding the total scores of your students, the total would make their overall rating for the month. Same goes with tracking the attendance of an employee in a timesheet, the overall rating would indicate the productivity of the employee.

5. Ready for printing

After Putting those details in place, You are now ready to print your monthly sheet! You can use our template or any kind of sheets that would cater to your needs. Take time to go over our different kinds of templates and download those that would help you personally or for your business purposes. Our template is user-friendly and editable so you don't have to worry about anything else.

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