In work, there are times that you get sick, so to excuse yourself, you request sick leave. For that sick leave to be valid, you must present proof that you were sick. And this proof is a medical certificate signed by a doctor. Need a template for sick leave certificates? Take a look at our Sick Leave Certificate Templates in Adobe Illustrator. You will find many useful ready-made templates that you can freely customize and easily download on your computer or smartphone. Our templates are designed and crafted by professionals. Save time in managing your client records, choose a template, and prepare a sick leave certificate template today!

What Is a Sick Leave Certificate?

There are times when being sick is unavoidable; that is why filing sick leaves when you feel ill is standard protocol for any company. In 2017, workers under the 18 to 30 years age group filed sick leaves that lasted for five days, according to Statista. Of course, these sick leave requests weren't valid unless sick leave certificates were presented. Sick leave certificates are documents proving that a worker was indeed feeling ill. It could be obtained by visiting a doctor and having them sign the certificate after a medical examination.

How to Make a Sick Leave Certificate

Workers will come to a hospital for a medical certificate. You might need to know how to prepare medical certificates first. For that, we got you covered. Look at the tips we have prepared below.

1. Plan the Certificate's Layout

Begin with planning for your sick leave certificate’s layout. A planned layout helps you have a complete idea of how your certificate should appear. The planning stage of your layout will allow you to introduce changes and correct possible mistakes before you have it printed.

2. Work with a Suitable Computer Application

Having a bit of graphic design in your sick leave certificate won't hurt. Try to put some visual icons or color combinations in your document. This work will be significantly more comfortable if you use a graphic design application like Adobe Illustrator because it offers image design and photo editing tools.

3. Include Information About Your Clinic

A medical certificate would not be complete without the patient’s name and other essential information. Make sure that you include these in your certificate.

4. Leave a Space for the Doctor's Diagnosis and Signature

Your sick leave certificate has to have the doctor's medical diagnosis and signature. These are the ones that would validate your certificate. You have to ensure that there is enough space for it in your document.

5. Print Copies Using the Template

After completing the sick leave certificate, print several copies. Once a patient visits, The sick leave certificates are ready.

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