How to Create a Sick Leave Certificate in Adobe InDesign

According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 71% of workers in the private sector were eligible for paid sick leave in 2018. As accessibility to paid leaves continues to be a problem in the national workforce, many employees still struggle to credit these leaves due to the requirements that come with it. That's because certifications are often necessary to grant paid sick leave. To help you with these certifications, refer to the following guidelines:

1. Gather the Necessary Details

The information you relay about the patient must be accurate and correct. Be sure to spell out names, conditions, and other essential details in the doctor's note to avoid further problems. It's best to clarify this with the concerned individual, as some companies have specific requirements that employees must meet.

2. Use Simple Language

Unlike performance certificates that honor individuals for their participation and hard work, sick leave certificates serve a professional and legal purpose. However, that shouldn't give you a reason to use complicated wording. Only use medical terminologies when necessary, as you don't want to make it difficult for readers to grasp.

3. Keep the Layout Free from Clutter

For your certificate format, ensure readability by seeing the value in simplicity. Apply white space between lines and words to attain a balanced layout. Another technique is to keep your content brief and concise, so you don't end up crowding the employee certificate with wordy texts.

4. Sign the Certificate

For credibility reasons, your signature plays a critical role in a medical leave certificate. Only those in authority should sign the document; otherwise, your patient may have difficulty trying to get their leave request approved by their manager. The attending doctor and not the nurse or anyone from the medical staff (unless qualified) should take this responsibility.

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