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Get a Simple Budget You Can Easily Work on with’s Free Simple Budget Templates. Download Blank or Basic Samples for Marketing Budgets, Operating Expenses, Restaurant Budgets, and More You Can Use on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Basis. All Templates Are Fully Editable and Printable Using MS Word File. Download All You Need Today.See more

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  • In order to keep track of one's expenses and sources of revenue, one must be able to keep track of his/her budget. Many operations require proper budgeting to ensure that they're financially stable. It's not just limited to businesses but budgeting can also help one's personal ventures. With our Simple Budget Template in Microsoft Word, you'll never have to worry about budgeting ever again! This template is made with original content that you can customize and edit at your pleasure. Moreover, it can be opened with other editing programs for your editing convenience. So, do not miss the chance to download a professional and printable budget template now!

    How to Make a Simple Budget in Microsoft Word

    Financial satisfaction is not easy to achieve, especially if you do not know how to budget. As the survey conducted by the InCharge Institute of America, 40% of the Americans spend less than their income by having a budget. One of its many great advantages is that it saves you a great deal of money. So, start making one now by following these simple tips:

    1. Know Why You Are Budgeting

    You need to have an in-depth understanding as to why you need a budget. A budget reveals your weakness in terms of costs and would provide you some insights on how to fix that weakness. But remember, having a simple budget is not the solution, but rather, it's your guide in solving your financial problem.

    2. Gather Your Information

    This step can be tricky without a calculator so it's best that you have one. What you'll need to do is gather all documents pertaining to your expenses and sources of income. This includes everything from bills, receipts, taxes, and more. Then, make sure that you list down everything if you want to have a detailed budget document. Also, consider the irregular expenses and sources of income. 

    3. Be Definite with your Numbers

    You'll see that everything from budget sheets to planners list down all your expenses. What this means is that you'll be seeing a lot of numbers in your budget document. After you've listed down all your sources of revenue and expenses, then you simply need to put in the numbers. Make sure that whatever you put in for each item is 100% accurate as you don't want even the smallest error in your budget. 

    4. Discuss your Budget 

    If you're making a budget for your company-related purposes, it is recommended that you would consult other employees involved in budgeting. If it's for the household, you can sit down with your family while planning your monthly, daily, or even weekly budget. This is a smart move to ensure that there are no existing or future conflicts.

    5. Make a Schedule

    This may seem like an unusual tip for making a budget, but we assure you that this is effective! Making a schedule for expenses would help you strategically what you should spend and when you should spend. Set up a draft of the finances that you need to pay off and assign them in your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This should help you better plan out how you're going to use your finances and to ensure that you stick within your budget.


  • What Are the Types of Budgets?

      Depending on the practicability of the estimates, there are three types of budgets:

      1. Balanced Budget
      2. Surplus Budget
      3. Deficit Budget
  • How Can You Effectively Budget?

      There are certain methods that you can follow to have an effective budget. You can have an incremental budget, activity-based budget, value proposition budget, and zero-based budget. Each budget method has advantages and disadvantages, depending on its use.

  • What Is the Difference Between a Fixed Budget and a Flexible Budget?

      A fixed budget is a kind of budget that has fix amount of every listed expense. A flexible budget is a kind of budget that changes in every process or level of production units.

  • What Should Your Budget Contain?

      Your budget must have your income, fixed expenses, flexible expenses, unplanned expenses, and general savings. 

  • What Is the 50, 20, 30 Budget Rule?

      This is the kind of budgeting wherein one's finances is divided into three different sections; 50% of it is used to pay needs, 30% on wants, and 20% on savings and paying off debt.