How To Make A Simple Catalog

A catalog is a tool used to define and strengthen brand awareness, such as a logo or business card. Marketing experts appreciate how much accuracy a catalog can create and how much a successful catalog can make the sales difference. Don't worry if you don't have any idea on how to create a catalog. Curated below are easy steps to make your own simple catalog.

1. Think About the Content

Before you start any design procedures, ensure you have all the materials in place. Before making a retail sales catalog, prepare the content you will need that includes product images, a list of goods or services, and its features. Also, add a list of other content that needs to be written. These are your company information, customer reviews, and any other information that will enable your customers to make the right choice.

2. Use a Captivating Image

You are free to use your own images to save your budget. If you're not a professional photographer, it is advisable to hire someone to supply images for you. The photographs and illustrations in your catalog is an essential element because it is what people see first. A captivating image will surely entice potential customers and clients to read the content of your catalog. For instance, if you're making a real estate catalog, you must display an image showing different house models along with their descriptions.

3. Determine your Product or Service Features

Before writing your content in every product or service, you must first know all the technical descriptions of each one. If you want, you may assign the number of items and their prices. You may also write down any benefits while listing your product features. Direct your customers to your website for them to be more informed about your business or company.

4. Select a Suitable Size

Think of a perfect size for your minimal catalog based on its purpose. Be it a hotel catalog, jewelry catalog, cookbook catalog, photography catalog, restaurant catalog, or a travel catalog. You should consider the most suitable size for your products so that customers will not be overwhelmed by your too large or too small catalog. Make sure that images can be clearly seen with the size you've chosen.

5. Pick the Right Number of Page

Catalogs should be long enough to provide all the essential information your customers need. But it does not mean that you'll display jampacked information. Try not to include those unnecessary details. Also, a table of contents must be seen in your business catalog, the history of your business or company, and any additional information you want to present. Make sure to keep your page count in 3-4 pages only.

6. List Down Product Descriptions

Now, you have to note down descriptions of every product you have and include a benefit in every description. Assist customers by giving them an idea of what to purchase after looking at your brochure or catalog. If you want additional writing assistance, you may hire a professional copywriter to do the job for you.

7. Include Additional Content

In copywriting, you should use easy to read sentences to keep away from overly technical language. Your modern catalog should have an introductory page that presents a specific individual using your products. You should write your content, including a short history of your business so that customers would feel more comfortable.

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