What is a Simple Cookbook?

A cookbook is a reference which has kitchen recipes, tips, and some cookware on its contents. Some cookbooks focus on a specific recipe or category, while some cookbooks are made in general.

How to Craft a Simple Cookbook

A simple cookbook is easy to make if it's for a kid that you're making. To craft a best-selling and effective simple cookbook, there are some elements that you have to incorporate and some tips that you have to follow.

1. Make a Striking Book Cover

Your book cover is guaranteed to be the very first thing that people will notice. If you want more chances at having your cookbook being picked up and read, then you might want to put extra effort into the visuals of your book cover. Put up a picture of a sumptuous meal and think of a catchy title that will spark the interest of the reader.

2. Research on your Content

Don't just settle on an "okay" cookbook, make it the best one. Invest your time in researching what type of content to put in. Reflect on what is the objective of your cookbook. Make sure that all of the topics are relevant to cooking, and will be beneficial to the readers. There are also some things that you have to consider such as the availability of the ingredients in your country, or even if those cooking methods or kitchen hacks and techniques are applicable in your geographic location or not.

3. Be Informative

Protect your sample cookbook from being labeled as mediocre by making it informative. Maximize the potential of your cookbook and make it as instructive as possible. Be detailed when laying down your instructions. You can even include some historical facts regarding a recipe, a kitchen technique, or on a famous food inventor or chef. You can also give out tips and kitchen hacks on how to cook a specific food type.

4. Focus on a Central Theme

There are ingredients that are endemic to a specific geographic location only or is seasonal. Having a general cookbook is always an option, but you can also narrow down your categories and focus on a specific cuisine. If you are trying to publish a cookbook in Malaysia, of course, it would make sense if your theme is on Malaysian cuisine or Asian types of cuisine in general. Settling on a central theme will also increase your cookbook's marketability status.

5. Use Professionally-Shot Photos

As delicious as the food name may sound, nothing else compliments more perfectly than an attractive photo of it. Delight the senses more effectively by using professionally-shot photos with high-definition colors. Flat lay photos or close-ups are more effective because they give a more clear overview of the entire recipe. You can also do a fun photoshoot for your recipes to make your printable cookbook more lively and interesting.

6. Find the Perfect Printing Material

Invest in finding the perfect printing material for your cookbook template. You can choose between a matte paper finish or a glossy paper finish. The shiny coating will protect the integrity of the colors while the matte paper finish will make it look more classic or professional, and the reader can write on the pages for personal notes. Find the right GSM for your paper, don't make the pages too bulky or too fragile. The moment you find the right paper type, you're actually making your cookbook more memorable.

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