What Is a Simple Flyer?

Simple flyers are practical marketing materials used in advertising goods and services or to showcase your business or brand to customers in a simple and direct manner. When done and designed right, flyers are the best option if you are looking forward to attracting more potential customers. To make it even effective, flyers should be distributed directly to the target market so you can communicate it clearly to them without sounding demanding. Through the use of flyers, your intended message will get to your intended receivers without any hassle.

How to Create a Flyer That Sells and Gets Results

When distributing simple flyers, you may still encounter people who would still accept it. But are they responding to the message of your flyer? Or are they even taking the time to read your flyer? According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the average response rate is around 1% during their extensive research on flyer distribution campaign. However, you should not worry so much about this since we provide you with guidelines that can help you increase your usual response rate and create a flyer that sells and gets desired results.

1. Create a Design that Stands Out

Simple flyers remain as the popular form of marketing of businesses along with digital marketing materials. However, due to its popularity and its competition, it might be difficult for you to take them one. But if you would create a creative flyer design that will bring out your edge over your competitors, then you will not find it difficult to stand out. Aside from simply incorporating attractive color schemes and relevant graphic elements, you can tune out your competitors by simply highlighting your unique selling points.

2. Call Your Target Market to Action

By including a call to action into your simple flyer, you can easily and directly communicate with your customers the main message you want to deliver. Whether you want your customers to buy your products, avail of your services, visit your website or social media profiles, or apply for your loyalty program, you can do so and that's all possible if you incorporate a call-to-action effectively and clearly into your simple flyer design where it's inconspicuous.

3. Take Advantage of the Power of "You”

When you plan on making your simple flyer's design look like you are directly communicating with your target market, then we highly recommend you to take advantage of the power of "You". "You" is undeniably the most powerful word you can use when designing any marketing or advertising material, especially flowers. How? It is because of this word that your potential clients would take extra notice of your material since it gives them the feeling that you are speaking directly with them.

4. Focus on the Benefits of Your Product or Service

Before you finalize the contents of your sample flyer, put yourself in the shoes of your target customers, and ask "What's in it for me?" or "What can benefits can I get if I buy/avail of this? Highlighting the benefits of your product or service over its features would give your flyer design an advantage over your competitors' products and services that would highly emphasize the features of their goods or services.

5. Keep Things Simple

Keep in mind that you are designing a simple flyer so avoid incorporating any elements that make your flyer's final output look overwhelming. Whatever your purpose is—be it for a party, a concert, an event in your school or church, or for your pizza or catering business—it is important that you keep things simple so you can achieve desirable results.

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