How to Make a Simple Invoice in Google Docs

An article from Investopedia (a business and finance resource) points out that modern invoices are used for more than just billing your clients—they also work well for bookkeeping purposes. So, whether you run a personal catering business or a large law firm, using invoices is always advisable.

Even if you’re going for a simple invoice design, there are still a handful of important points to keep in mind. If you’d like to know more about implementing them in Google Docs, then do read our tips down below.

1. Apply a Proper Layout for Your Simple Invoice

Despite being a simple invoice, a professional appearance is still necessary. To start off, open a new blank document in Google Docs.

Using the rulers found above and to the right of your document page, adjust your margins so that they’re 1 inch in length. With these margins put in place, the document’s contents will be bordered away from the edges to give the invoice design a tidy look.

2. Enter Some Basic Information into Your Simple Invoice

At the top of your document, write down a descriptive name for your invoice. Consider something similar to “Wedding Photography Service Invoice” or “Construction Materials Invoice.” Follow it up by inputting the invoice’s ID number, order number, and date.

Next, include your business’s name, address, and contact information. Input the same details about the given client, too.

3. Use a Grid Table for Your Simple Invoice

The main part of your simple invoice contains the various details about a given payment—such as the due cash amounts, ordered quantities, hourly rates, and so on. For this, using Docs’ Table feature is necessary.

In the toolbar, go to Insert > Table and then use your cursor to select the table’s cell layout. Once the table is put in place, click-drag any of its lines to make size adjustments.

Afterward, insert a smaller table just underneath. This one contains the subtotal, additional fees, discounts, and grand total.

4. Add the Finishing Touches to Your Simple Invoice

Finally, while keeping your invoice simple and sleek, just do a bit of color-coding. In your grid tables, apply different colors to the various sections to improve their readability.

And with that, creating a printable or digital invoice is now easy for you! Feel free to come back if you need to do a review or need to use any of our Simple Invoice Templates.

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