If you want to provide your customers with relevant information about your products—such as your line of perfume, wine, or shampoo—you can do so with the use of a simple label. We highly recommend you to download and use any of our premium templates which are 100% customizable in Adobe Photoshop (.psd). Each label template consists of well-written suggestive texts and high-quality graphic elements that are all layered into scalable vectors, making it possible for you to further modify it according to your personal tastes or business standards. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to avail any of our subscription plans so you can get access to our premium simple label templates today!

What Is a Simple Label?

A simple label is a communication tool you can use in informing your target consumers of the benefits they can get from purchasing your products. Apart from that, your label is responsible for delivering your sales message, explaining the benefits people can get from your products, and setting your product apart from its competitors.

Through labels, you can conveniently display all of the information you need for your products as well as a clear picture of it, particularly its features and advantages that can influence the decisions of your target market.

How to Craft a Simple Label that Sells

With a sea of competitors offering the same product as yours, things can really get challenging if you would not step up your label design game. To help you learn how to make labels that can convince your target customers to choose your products over others, check out the following guidelines below so you can achieve a clear label design that can truly sell.

1. Maximize Graphic Elements

Crafting a visually compelling sample label design bring your product’s impact to the next level. This is why you should maximize and take advantage of your graphics in a way that you can effectively communicate your intended message through it. Once done right, rest assured that the right message will get across to your target audience with little to no barriers.

2. Provide the Right Number of Relevant Information

Keep in mind that modern labels are usually small and if you pack it with too much information, chances are, it will no longer comprehensible to your customers. This guideline is especially useful for food labels and beverage bottle labels for the consumers’ safety purposes.

Since you are crafting a simple label, it should have the basic elements, such as details about what your products are made up of, what purpose it holds, and how it’s used. Keep it brief and concise as much as possible for easy reading.

3. Avoid Clutter and Apply White Spaces

If you don’t want to distract your target customers from the focal point of your simple label design, then make sure you avoid making a cluttered layout by applying an ample amount of negative or white spaces. With the use of white spaces, you can easily break down the texts and graphic elements of your design, making it less overwhelming to the eyes.

4. Originality Goes A Long Way

The last thing you would want for your simple label design is to make it look like a copy of your competitors’ product label design. This is why it is important that you should come up with an original creative label design for your product so you can stand out from them. Aside from making it original, you also have to make it memorable and presentable enough for your target audience to easily recognize your brand.

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