Is advertising through traditional print publications like the magazine still relevant during the era of great digitalization? The answer to that question is not a mystery at all. Yes, the magazine is still relevant if it adapted and adjusted to the enormous industry shift—the takeover of digital media. Still, many companies issue exclusive digital and physical editions of their content. With that, advertising through the online or offline versions of any magazine is still as effective. Here's an editable advertising template to help in promoting your business through magazines. Get all the marketing activities done with this customizable, high-quality, and printable template. Don't compromise your business's full potential when you can set the bar up if you download an effective advertising tool template. For more helpful templates, sign up for any of our membership plans and enjoy exclusive bargains today!

How to Design a Magazine Ads in Adobe Photoshop

On a report posted by, the Magazine Media Association (MPA) revealed in their issue for 2016/2017 of Magazine Media Factbook that the magazine does transcend from print to digital, but also back to print. The claimed reason for this back-shift is the rediscovering of tangible turnable pages as more valuable than any other media form. According to the same source, in the past six months, 90 percent of American adults read a magazine either in print or digital form. It seems that the magazine is redeeming its reliability back. Though the advent of the internet had drastically changed the publishing industry, a forecast in 2012 showed a slight increase in magazine readership. Which makes the number of the magazine in the U.S. maintained a sum between 7,383 to 7,218 since 2008, according to Statista.

Despite the hardship the industry experienced, the magazine remained a significant platform to advertise. So, we made a list to help you design magazine ads in Adobe Photoshop. Read below and make appealing magazine ads today.

1. Get Your Customer's Attention

One of the best things about advertising in a magazine is it creates a lasting color of your products. The opportunity a magazine gives to define lasting color images is like no other. Advertisers can achieve this through the option of using two or four-color printing. To grab your readers' attention, take a chance to create an eye-catching phrase or headline. Also, include a graphic or a logo to set the mood of the message.

2. Always Take Advantage of the Space

Deciding on the size of your advertisement can be a staggering choice because this will decide how much you will be paying the publication. The placement of your ad is also a critical factor to decide on. Nonetheless, you have to take up the space provided for you. Always take this as the opportunity to showcase your pitch. Make the pitch informative, and it should let your audience know about the product in the advertisement. So avoid long phrases and dialogue. You should sell the product, and present its benefits. To be an effective advertiser, you should what are the things the clients want to hear. Be precise and straighforward.

3. Consider Business Branding

Branding is about showing casing the personality of your business to create identity. Make branding visible in your advertisement providing names, symbols, or designs. More so, branding can change how people see your products and services. That is why it is a crucial aspect to keep an eye on.

4. Include Call to Action

To deliver more responses to the advertisement, make it easy for customers to reach you and order from you. At all costs, what you want is to gain profit from all of your business ventures. And the key to driving more business returns is through customer purchase. So include your contact details, website name, and retail location. If you are an accessible business, you can build loyal customers who would go back for your product.

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