Simple Menu Word Templates

Make a Simple Menu Board for Your Family Reunion, Hand Out Elegant Wedding Menu Cards to Your Guests, or Serve Your Customers with a Basic Menu List in Your Cafe. All You Need Is to Do All That. Our Simple Menu Templates in MS Word Are Very Easy to Edit and Print in All Sizes. Download for Free!See more

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    How to Create a Simple Menu in MS Word

    A menu is a vital element in every restaurant. This serves as an advertising tool to entice restaurant-goers. As stated by Kate Bratskeir of, food menus make a person salivate. Upon looking at the served menu, it gives an impression on your customers, and it educates them on what your restaurant could provide to their hunger. That is why making your food menu must have strategic planning to allure your customers' appetite effectively — having worries about where and how to start? Well, we are here to help you. Below are the given steps and guides for you to follow. Try it now and start ensuring your business' success!

    1. Have your List of Food

    In a food business, offered cuisines and drinks are its main highlight. So in making your sample menu, you must select food that is unique yet worth trying one. You can have a list of tasty meals that are suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, make sure that your list of food is updated weekly or monthly. Through this, it will help your business stand firmer than your other competitors. Moreover, the changes and improvements of your menu depend on the food trend and customers' feedbacks.

    2. Sort Categorically

    To avoid confusion on your simple menu, you must arrange your cuisines categorically. In typical restaurants, they offer different categories of food like appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages. Each of these categories is plotted in different sections of the menu card. Sorting your food list will help your customers locate their desired dish. Also, having a well-arranged menu attracts the customer's attention. 

    3. Design Appropriately

    A menu must observe proper and appropriate designs. Remember that in dealing with food, one must be sensitive enough to choose a design. It must be pleasing, decent, and it must look tempting at first glance. It would also be a great effect if your menu will more likely boost your customer's appetite. This will suffice the idea that you have made your menu look sumptuous, even if it is in a card.

    Moreover, in drafting the layout of your blank menu, try to use the definitive list of colors. Pick the color that will likely help your menu look more dashing and luring. Nonetheless, you can put some personal touches on your draft. And remember not to limit your artistry.

    4.Incorporate Photos

    A menu without photos would look so dull and unappealing to customers. Inserting pictures in your creative menu will help your customers know and evaluate your cuisines. This is the first thing that they would look into the menu, and it will give them the idea of what your food looks like in actual. In this case, you must also capture beautiful photos of your dishes to gain more orders and attractions. Remember that your menu endorses the quality of your food, and it usually depends on the images that you inserted in your menu.

    5. Omit the Dollar Signs

    According to The Psychology of Restaurant Menus, omitting currencies in your editable menu takes the emphasis away from the cost you are ordering. This tactic directs the target prospects to spend more money setting the price aside. Plus, this strategy will also make you gain more profit.