The struggle of fitting one schedule to another daily or weekly is, no doubt, a stressful job to do. Thus, having a tool to help you stay as organized as possible is essential. For that reason, we offer you our beautifully made Simple Planner Templates accessible in all versions of Apple Pages. Our 100% customizable planner templates come with pre-made simple designs, artworks, and layouts that you may enjoy right away. Our printable templates are ready to print in A4 and US sizes. Download any of our professionally made planner templates today and start organizing your daily, weekly, or monthly activity schedule hassle-free.

How to Make a Simple Planner in Apple Pages

Having a planner is necessary, especially if you have loaded schedules to manage. Planners allow you to organize and prioritize essential activities that you must keep in mind, be it in your workplace, school, in your house, or even your personal schedule. Besides that, there are six other reasons why having a planner is essential, according to One of these is that it helps you manage your time well.

Hence, if you want to list all your schedules in a journal, you might as well create a simple planner. Below are some tips on how to make one. Read them out!

1. Create a Draft

Start your simple planner-making process by crafting a draft. There are different ways to layout your personal planner. You can make use of tables or shapes as your guide to organize your planner. In doing that, you can make use of Apple Pages. This application has an easy-to-use illustration feature elements that you can use in crafting a layout. Drafting your simple planner using Apple Pages can be as easy as you want it to be since it is available on different devices—Mac, iPad, or iPhone, or a PC.

2. Design your Planner

After having an organized layout for your schedule planner, the next thing you need to do is to make eye-catching designs. This is where you can showcase your creative side to craft cute and minimalist designs that you want to put into your simple planner. However, make sure not to overdo the visuals of your planner so that it will not look crowded once you add your content.

3. Organize the Content

Once the layout and design are already done, it is now time to organize the content that you want to put in your simple planner. But, your content must reflect on the type of planner you want to make. For instance, you are making a simple student planner. Thus, your text must consist of the things that will help you keep track of your student schedule. You may include your daily class schedule, semester overview, monthly homework tracker, or activity planner. You may also put a blank sheet to record reminders and notes.

4. Add Colors and Images

Make your simple planner document an aesthetic one by attaching enticing colors and compelling images of your choice. These components can add up to the visual appearance of your simple planner. Thus, it will make you more motivated to fill it out. Simply choose the colors and photographs that you think are perfect for your simple planner. Nevertheless, ensure to balance the visuals and the content of your simple planner.

5. Save or Print your Planner

To finalize things, you can either save your simple planner or print out copies depends on its use. For example, you are making a simple business planner that will organize and keep track of your business' schedules and activities. So, it will be best not only save your file but also to print out copies to hand out to your team. Nevertheless, make sure to keep your file well and print it using quality printing materials.

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