What Is A Simple Postcard?

Postcards are usually in the form of a thick rectangular piece of paper that is intended for writing and mailing without the use of an envelope. Along with the messages written on it are the different photographs and illustrations attached by the sender. Modern Postcard normally require stamps so that it can be delivered and sent to its designated receiver.

How To Create A Simple Postcard

In modern scenarios, postcards are not just used for mailing purposes, they are also used as effective strategic advertising materials in order to promote different kinds of events and services. Statistics show that 52.5% of consumers said that they actually read postcards rather than sales letters. It commonly comes around with different formats and fresh designs that are more appealing to the eyes. We have provided you with several rules of thumb to follow to help you get started. Study them well.

1. Choose A Theme

In making a creative postcard, you first need to determine and choose a theme for it. There are a lot out there for you to choose from, it depends on you what you currently need the most. Do you like vintage-themed postcards? thank you postcards? Christmas postcards? Your chosen postcard theme will be the basis of the overall look and content of your desired postcard.

2. Pick A Postcard Size

Postcards come around in a wide range of sizes, with some being constructed in circular shapes. But is there really a standard size for a postcard? The answer? Yes! There is, the International Standard Size used for postcards is the A6 size (5.8 x 4.1 inches). But the Universal Postal Union has expanded this to 9.25 x 4.72 inches as the maximum size, and 5.51 x 3.54 inches being the minimum size.

3. Focus On The Content

Statistics show that 40% of a direct marketing campaign’s success is in the data itself. The content will always be the turning point and basis of the consumer whether to avail or not a certain product service. That's why you have to be mindful and critical with the type of information you are going to present. Make sure that all of them are presented clearly so that they can easily be understood and noticed. Relate this step to the theme that you have chosen.

4. Incorporate Catchy Graphics

If you have received or saw a sample postcard, the first thing that you'll probably notice is that all of them are beautifully designed. You won't often see blank and bland-looking postcards. That's the main reason as to why the designs are there, its main purpose is to catch everyone's attention, so should your postcard. Explore your creative side and try to blend well all the bright and stunning colors you can find. Compliment them well with your postcards theme and graphics.

5. Proofread And Print

The most important step and should not be forgotten is to proofread and check every single piece of details in the printable postcard. Start with the grammar, to the correct usage of punctuations, format, and relevance. If you are absolutely sure about it, you can now print it, and distribute many copies as you can.

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