Great things start from small beginnings. If you are handling a small business, manage the business strategically using proper agreements for each business deal. Foster partnerships and create business agreements for your future clients using our high-quality printable Small Business Agreement Templates below. These templates are made to be 100% customizable and fully editable to suit your priorities. Our professionally written agreement templates are perfect for partnerships, investment agreements, franchising agreements, among others. Wait no more and subscribe to start now!

What is a Business Agreement?

A business agreement is any statement or contract formed or signed between two or more business organizations. The agreement can be either oral or written exchange of promises and deals between the businesses involved. According to Business Agreement Lawyers, any agreements formed between any businesses, big or small, could be considered as business agreements.

How to Write a Small Business Agreement?

A small business is no different from the big players of the industry when it comes to making agreements. Everything must be laid out to form a mutual agreement of partnership. The business agreement covers every aspect of the business, including employment, hiring, trade, and acquisition. It must be kept simple for all parties to comprehend the terms of the agreement.

1. Identify Each Party

Make sure that you make agreements with the right person. The business contract should identify all the concerned parties within the agreement so it's clear who is responsible for performing what obligations. As the future business partners legally bind the contract, their names should be written out correctly along with their roles towards the partnership agreement.

2. Spell Out Details

Your small business agreement should state in detail all the specified terms, conditions, rights, and obligations of each party involved. Other details include stock options, ownership rights, and other related matters that the shareholders have agreed upon. The two parties must reach an agreement as to how the business operations will be run during the course of the business agreement contract. The payment obligations, who pays whom, should also be specified.

3. Include a Termination Clause

The contract isn't all about the binding agreement, as it must also include a clause for the circumstances that might terminate the contract. Small business businessmen should protect themselves from non-compliant business partners. The termination clause gives protection to both parties when either one of them breaches the legal agreement. Write in the legal ways on how to resolve agreement disputes. If ever there will be changes and revisions in the overall business contract, submit in an amendment document explaining such development.

4. Seek Legal Advice

Before signing this legal agreement, you must seek legal advice from a knowledgeable and qualified business attorney. The attorney shall point out some weak points within the agreed format and content. Through this professional's advice, you can review if your small business agreement is compliant with your local laws.

5. Do Include the Dates and Places

The agreement is a legal document bearing important and confidential information, so every detail must be reviewed for verification. The dates and places of execution must be written out to keep records and track all the basic business activities.

6. Secure a Copy

After you have finished drafting your business agreement, make sure to keep a copy for future revisions and amendments. Send out copies to your prospective business partners or simply conduct a meeting to arrive at a legal agreement.

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