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How to Make a Small Business Letterhead

small business letterhead template

The biggest corporations in the world started as small businesses. Today, there are about 30.2 million small businesses in the United States which account for 99.9% of all businesses in the country. Let that sink in.

To make a dent and eventually succeed in any industry you are in, you must employ sound business strategies. And as a small business owner, it is best to start with developing a unique brand identity and including the creation of a small business letterhead design.

1. Start With a Remarkable Logo

A good business letterhead begins with a well-designed logo. Create your own logo design or commission a graphic artist to create one for. It only costs a few bucks but its benefits are endless.

Choose a logo design that subtly tells a customer what your company is all about. Sometimes, an obscure logo design may also work. Just make sure to be clear on what design you want and how you want your brand and business goals to reflect on your logo.

2. Play With Color

Designing a simple letterhead does not only mean creating a logo. You must also pay attention to the whole page where your logo is placed on. Incorporate color into your letterhead design as it can make the entire letterhead more striking.

You may choose colored paper to print on. Or you may incorporate a colorful background image or illustration. Remember, select complementary colors as they have more visual appeal. When done consistently, color in your letterhead may also increase brand awareness.

3. Value Layout

Since most business letterhead designs are placed on business correspondences, you must also make sure that all the text and graphic elements in the document follow a logical arrangement.

For example, a standard small business letterhead design includes a logo and the company name on its header. While the business’ contact information is placed on the document’s footer. Just familiarize yourself with the parts of a business letter and make sure that the final document is still easy to read and does not overpower any would-be document content.

4. Optimize for Different Printing Options

Not all letterhead designs are printed on letter paper. Prepare your business for this by making sure that your printable letterhead has a responsive design.

This means that your letterheads must be resizable and scalable for any printing surface. For example, you may have to print your letterhead on bookmarks, mugs, caps, and other surfaces.

5. Make it Uniform

To create an even greater impact on your business, it is considered a best practice to make uniform business stationery. For instance, add use the same design on your letterhead, business cards, brochures, menu cards, postcards, and envelopes.

When customers see the same business stationery design, they see a unified brand image. This also helps increase their awareness of what your brand is and how to distinguish it from your competitors.

6. Add Images

If space and budget permits, adding an image or illustration into your letterhead designs can make your professional stationeries more memorable. Add special effects to these images so that they will blend well as document background or border designs.

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