Small business meetings have to be recorded to track action plans and remember the discussed matters. And to do that, you need meeting minutes. But if you don't have meeting minutes yet, we have ready-made Small Business Meeting Minutes Templates. Our templates have professionally made format and content. They are also 100% editable and printable. So, what are you waiting for? Download a template today!

How to Take Small Business Meeting Minutes

According to All Business, meeting minutes are important because they help people in your company create a plan for the action items to complete them. And if you're the secretary for the small business meeting at your company, we'll help you take the meeting minutes.

1. Record the Basic Details

Always start your staff meeting minutes by recording the basic meeting details. These details include team name, date, time, attendees, and your name as the meeting minutes taker.

2. Write the Agenda Details

Another important thing you can do is to take notes of the agenda details. You can record the agenda before the meeting starts, so your taking of the minutes runs smoothly. Your agenda shouldn't have to contain long sentences, or it can take too much of your team meeting minutes' space.

3. Include Action Plans

After the meeting, the team members, board, or committee need reminders of the action plans they agreed on during the meeting. So, you must include the action plans on your meeting minute document. List the action plans and include the members who are going to be responsible for completing them.

4. Only Write the Necessary Details

As a tip for you, only input the necessary details you've discussed during the small business annual meeting or any meeting. Doing this will be very convenient for you since you won't have to write much information on your committee meeting minutes.

5. Use a Template

If you want less work, you can use a template. We have a lot of small business meeting templates above that you can choose from. Each template has an organized format, so it's convenient for you. Aside from that, you can also use its suggestive content as your guide and sample.

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