How to Create a Social Media Flowchart In Google Docs

The ability to make real-time updates through social media changed the way people do business. It is important for businessmen to stay on the trend and always to keep their accounts active to catch up not only people's need, but also people's attention now. Need to post updates today? Follow the quick guide below first to experience a smooth workflow in managing social media accounts.

1. Build A Connection of the Flow

When all that we can think of when it comes to social media is it is a medium of self-expression, social interaction, fun and entertainment, there are people whose lives actually depend on it. It has been a platform that helps them run their businesses. Some use it as a mode for digital marketing, a form communication for reaching out a market. All these come in the form of posts. And from posts, they are converted to personnal messaging when products or services get noticed by people who are interested to avail. Who says social media doesn’t involve work? Even getting your personal posts done involves one, right? How much more for businesses and companies? Connect a workflow of what your business or company does just to create content for a social media post.

2. Chart the Content of the Flow

Open a new document in Google Docs and form the chart by inserting a new drawing on its blank page. Use the prepared shapes, lines and other tools to create the flowchart that will represent the social media flow. Consider this task done by downloading a flowchart template from our social media flowchart templates above. They are instantly usable and editable in Google Docs. Replace with the social media flow details its suggestive contents. Customize the fonts to appropriate them for the purpose of this chart. Our templates are ready with Google fonts but more fonts are available in Google Docs font options. They also come with varied styles and designs you can utilize to make this flowchart more interesting. Get them for free now!

3. Customize the Flowchart

You don’t want to miss this as you don’t want to miss a single and the latest post of your favorite page or website. This is not just to put artistry to the chart, but it is also to better the effectivity of it. Applying customizations to it makes the processes easily identifiable when looked at the chart. It is easy to know what to do when you encounter a problem while working for content marketing and you are catching up a deadline a specific website gave you. You can immediately implement the solution to it because you do not have to read through the whole chart just to know the answer to the problem. So consider painting customized colors for each different section of the chart.

4. Impose the Social Media Flow

Review everything before delegating it to your social media representatives. Contemplate the flow if they will make an efficient workflow. Inspect the decisions points and their action plans if they can effectively solve issues. Social media is a huge platform. And as we know, every mistake is very costly. So if you are sure with everything on the flowchart, produce copies of it and distribute them to the people navigating your business or company social media accounts.

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