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What Is A Software Company Brochure?

A software company brochure is a bifold or trifold brochure document that you can utilize in advertising your IT services. It is an informative piece of paper so aside from a flyer, a brochure is a cheap marketing product that is usually used. It is also a useful marketing tool because it can reach anywhere with its convenience.

How To Make A Software Company Brochure?

To flaunt your online software company profile, make an introduction with the use of a brochure. To start, here are tips you need to follow:

1. Consider Your Audience

For the design and context of your software company brochure, you need to make sure that you plan a customer service brochure. Think about who would you want to read your brochure and research about them. After understanding their backgrounds, create a scenario, and put yourself into their shoes. What would you want to read in a software company brochure? Make a checklist out of it to make it as a reference. It would be a critical factor for the success of your brochure.

2. Make A Draft

Make a plan outline of your brochure. List the digestible sections you need to do in your brochure. Make the development of your brochure with the use of your framework.

3. Format The Front Page

The front page of your software company brochure is the key to the success of your brochure; thus, make it compelling and promising. For your headline, you need to formulate a catchy statement that you can indicate. Under your brochure headline is a promising statement that would boost the morale of your company. Make it customer-friendly by using design elements.

4. Design Your Brochure

The overall appearance of your software company brochure would be crucial. Why? Because in the design, you can showcase your real talent. If you are a graphic designer offering design services, you can incorporate your original design in your brochure. The mentioned steps are also your reference for the design of your brochure. You need to consider your audience and your draft. Color the appropriate color scheme. Insert images relating to the service you provide. In that case, if you are offering a IT Proposal accounting software service, you can make use of techy colors such as neons and insert images of accounting-related images.

5. Write Your Content

The appearance must be equal to its body. Take it as an advantage for you and incorporate as much details as possible. Include your company's name, company logo, location, services offered, call-to-action, and more. But remember, there is no room for the asymmetry between design and content so it must be balanced. Do not practice a wall-to-wall content, hence make use of bullet points for idea emphasis.

6. Or Download Software Company Brochure Templates

Those steps mentioned are easy to follow but we made it easier for you! Here at, you can download software company brochure templates that you can utilize in any file format. Our templates are 100% customizable and easily editable so you can save time, money and effort. We also offer similar brochures like IT company brochures, and many more.

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