The spa and wellness industry is booming. People are lining up to relax and get treated. But with hundreds of spas out there, how do you make sure that yours will stand out from the rest? Level-up your marketing strategy with our Spa Flyer Templates in Microsoft Publisher. It's an effective tool to get the word out about your business and offers. They contain high-quality images, original suggestive headings, original artworks, and fonts, which you can edit and customize. They're also downloadable and printable in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.23x11.69, and (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed sizes. Earn more customers by downloading now!

How To Make A Spa Flyer In Microsoft Publisher

According to Statista, there were 22,160 open spa locations in 2018. Today, the spa industry continues to thrive. And with the sheer number of spas out there, you need to level-up your marketing strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to earn more customers. This is where flyers come in. A flyer is a piece of paper that contains details about a service or product. It's an effective advertising tool for medical spas, beauty spas, day spas, hair salons, and other types of businesses.

Follow our guide below to create an enticing spa flyer in Microsoft Publisher. It's best to use Microsoft Publisher as it works just like a desktop publishing program, which is useful for creating flyers cards, catalogs, and other documents.

1. Pick an Appropriate Size for your Flyer

Open Microsoft Publisher and create a new document. The size of your flyer should be based upon the amount of information you wish to put on. Also, it shouldn't be too small or too big, just the right size for a person to easily hold. To give you an idea, the popular size for flyers in the US is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Other smaller sizes, such as A4 (8.3” x 11.7”), A5 (8.3” x 5.8”), and A6 (5.8” x 4.1”), are also popular from the rest of the world. To set your paper size, select File/Print/Settings, then click the Paper Size dropdown and choose a paper size.

2. Make an Attractive Layout

You want to catch the attention of your target audience, so make sure your design layout is attractive enough. Use color tones that are relaxing to look at. Keep your design elements minimal, or your flyer would be hard to look at. To avoid the hassle and save time, use a pre-made template from our array of Spa Business Flyer Templates.

3. Compose a Snappy Message

Grab your target audience's attention with a snappy message. To do this, use powerful words such as inexpensive, proven, remarkable, affordable, bargain, and relaxing. Make sure your custom flyer contains all the essential details, including the name of your spa, the location, and the services you offer. In addition, make them interested in the services you are offering by providing promos and discounts. Don't forget to add your business logo for branding.

4. Include High-Quality Photos

Give your customers a sneak-speak of the services you're offering by providing pictures of your Swedish massage or foot massage service. Make sure these are high-quality photos, or it would look pixelated. To add an image, go to Insert, then Picture to open the Insert Picture dialog box. Then, find and select the image and click Insert so that the image will be added to your publication.

5. Finalize and Print a Handful of Copies

Before hitting the Save button, go through every detail and correct mistakes (if there is one). Make sure you print a handful of copies of your elegant flyer so you can distribute this to tons of people.

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