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How to Create a Winning Specialist Resume in Apple Pages

It was not clear who invented the resume, but according to the historical facts that were recorded by historians and researchers that it was Leonardo Da Vinci who popularized the use of resume way back 1482. He intended to win the support from the Duke of Milan. Da Vinci reiterated, in his letter, his experiences and skills to even convince the Duke. Little did Da Vinci know that his resume became part of the hiring process on the following generation. Below are some steps you can use to craft a specialist resume:

1. Reflect, Recall, and Rethink

Get your pen and paper. Grab a coffee and sit down. Now, use your brain to recall the innate abilities you possess. Recall your expertise so you can include it in your CV. Your talents are an asset to your job application, as it will impress your recruiters.

2. Write Them Down

As you reflect, recall, and rethink everything, list them down, or you may organize it through a checklist. You should jot down the talents, skills, job experiences, strengths, weaknesses that you possess. It is also essential for you to include your contact information, degree, and affiliated organizations or clubs.

3. Conceptualize a Killer Layout

Congratulations on making it from step one and step two. Now, you may proceed to conceptualize a compelling layout. An attractive resume leaves an impression of your recruiters. Therefore, be creative with your design.

4. Compose Your Resume

Open Apple Pages on your laptop or computer. Create a new document. Then, input the essential details that you have listed from your notes. Don't forget to organize your layout and facts so that it would be easier for your recruiters to read and review your resume.

5. Review and Recheck

Review your details before printing it. Make sure that your descriptions are true and correct. And when you are finished rechecking, you may insert your attractive photo. Your picture plays a significant role in your resume. It helps the recruiters identify the person behind the resume.

6. Save, Print, or Email

Finally, save your file on your laptop, computer, or websites that allow you to store your documents. Then, print and submit it to your employers. You may also send your resume via electronic mail.

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