How to Make a Sports Flowchart in Docs

Be it baseball or archery, there are definitely benefits to playing sports that you can achieve through dedication. However, dedication for your sport is more than just being able to play it well, as there’s also planning and preparation that let you find the time to practice. By downloading and using our Ready-Made Sports Flowchart Templates, you can conveniently organize yourself for the sake of honing your prowess!

But, what if you don’t know how and/or where to get a suitable editing program? Are you short on cash to afford that kind of software? There’s no need to worry, since Google Docs is just the app for you! Scroll down and read our guide below to find out more.

1. Register for a Google Account

Docs is one of Google’s apps and features that they offer for free to registered users; visit to sign up for an account. Since Docs is available for free, you’ll immediately gain access to it right after registering for a Google account.

Docs works right in your web browser, so you don’t have to go through any downloading or installation. To open Docs, click the 3x3 grid symbol (top-right of the Google homepage) and choose the blue document icon marked as “Docs” from the opened apps list. When you use Docs to edit/create a document, your work is automatically saved in your new Drive storage (another Google app that comes with registration). Additionally, you can also access Docs through Android and iOS devices.

2. Pick a Fitting Flowchart Template

If you’d like to download one of our flowchart templates (from this page), click on a template’s respective thumbnail and a different page will show up on a new browser tab. On the fresh tab, you’ll find a large download button in the middle; click the provided download button and follow a few short steps to save your new file. When saving, choose/create a folder in your computer or device’s storage that’s easy to find; if you want, rename the file’s name to something you can easily remember.

To know more about your template, you can read the Template Details section of the page; click on “More Details” to expand the list. On the left side of the page, you can enlarge the preview images by clicking them.

3. Assemble Your Flowchart in Google Docs

Were you able to properly save your desired template? With Docs running, open your new template file in the app and start composing your flowchart. Sum up your planned workflow into several sections that you can implement into your diagram.

To edit your template, replace the placeholder content with the necessary details. Sequence the order of each part as appropriate for your workflow. Since Docs automatically saves the progress of your edit to Drive, you don’t need to download it until after you’re done putting together your flowchart.

For more ways to take control of your sports-based tasks, use a workout schedule for organizing your fitness routines.

4. Print if Needed

After finishing up on your template, open Drive from the apps list on the homepage to access your completed flowchart. If you want to carry around a paper copy of your flowchart, our templates are also suitable for printing out.

Sort out your sports endeavors with Google Docs and our versatile document templates!

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