Calendars are indispensable when it comes to working. It can get very busy, and other responsibilities will pile on and overwhelm the staff without a way to keep track of the time. Because of this, companies order calendars as a standard office supply. These calendars can be created with less effort. Want to know how? Come check out Staff Calendar Templates in Apple (Mac) Pages to gain access to expertly created and original ready-made templates. Say goodbye to starting from scratch and work with templates with customizable features and easily downloadable on your computer and smartphone. Save effort and time in creating stylish calendars. Grab a template now!

What is a Staff Calendar?

Every successful business relies on effective time management. Keeping track of time is essential not only in the company staff's daily lives but also for the company's overall success. According to Europa, a website talking about the European economy, unexpected delays in transactions may cost millions of euros a day. These losses could have been prevented by planning and management as well as keeping track of date and time. In this regard, office calendars are essential tools.

How to Make a Staff Calendar

Calendars can greatly help staff with their schedules. Do you want to make stylish calendars but don't know how to make them look good? We have some tips for you below.

1. Look for a Layout

Calendars come in many shapes and forms. Their layout guides how the calendars will ultimately appear. To make a calendar, you can start with the layout. Choose the layout for the calendar. Feel free to look for reference materials for the layout. Decide on what layout to use.

2. Select Materials for the Visual Design

To make the calendar more presentable, select a theme to act as the visual design guide. Look for photos and colors that match the calendar theme. In this case, use photos that depict office settings.

3. Mark the Holidays and Events

One of the primary purposes of a calendar is to keep track of events. So remember to include every holiday that is celebrated every year, for example, Christmas and Thanksgiving. You can also include planned events within the year.

4. Decide on the Calendar Size

Calendars have varying sizes, Decide which size would be convenient for staff to use. If you are planning to create printable calendars, then the best size would be 9.5 inches by 9 inches.

5. Export or Print the Calendar File

Finally, after designing the calendar, save the document or prepare the design for print.

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