Staff Meeting Minute Pages Templates

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  • Keep tabs of your staff meeting discussion, the attendees of the meeting, and any reminders through an organized staff meeting minutes. We know it is quite troublesome and time-consuming to draft meeting minutes, so to make your life easier, we provide you our Staff Meeting Minutes Templates that are available in Apple Pages. They are preformatted and content-ready, and all you need to do is tweak the content and design it to suit your preferences. So make no waste of your time and keep an organized summary of your business meeting minutes through our well-created templates.

    How to Create a Staff Meeting Minutes in Pages

    James Kirk humorously says that a meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours are wasted. Every organization would not want to waste time for meetings that would take long hours to finish. This can be prevented by properly structuring the agenda and by referring to the previous meeting minutes. Writing the minutes of your team discussions and organizational meetings is essential not only to keep a record of the discussion that can be browsed later but also to keep a reminder for your future plans, especially when it comes to creating a project or achieving a certain goal.

    1. Keep Your Meeting Minutes Organized

    As stated earlier, team meeting minutes are used to keep a record in case you need to browse them later to recall the issues raised, future plans, and necessary steps toward achieving the company goals and objectives. For this reason, your minutes must be organized and easy to understand. It must be well-structured and must be presented in an orderly and systematic manner.

    2. Record Actions, Decisions, and Motions

    A basic meeting minutes must include actions, decisions, and motions. All these must be carefully and correctly documented. Any error in your documentation would possibly result in errors in the future plans of the organization. It may also affect the decision-making process of the team when addressing a certain issue or working for a particular project.

    3. Write Brief and Concise Notes

    A minutes must be a summary of the meeting you have with your staff. You need not elaborate more on the topics being discussed. You only need to take down notes that are brief and straightforward. Use plain language and avoid the use of terms that are too technical to understand for the other team members.

    4. Choose Minimalist Designs

    Who says meeting minutes need no design at all? Since every company document reflects the culture of your organization, you must see to it that your corporate meeting minutes are presentable yet formal and professional. Minimalist designs are fitting and proper for this type of document. Do not forget to leave blank spaces or white spaces so your paper would not look overcrowded.


  • What to Include in a Staff Meeting Minutes?

      The following must be included in a meeting minutes:

      1. Date and time 
      2. Location
      3. Purpose
      4. Agenda items
      5. Names of the attendees and those who are not able to attend
      6. Decisions that the attendees made
      7. Actions that need to be done and their respective deadlines
      8. Future follow-up meetings
  • Why Are Meeting Minutes Important?

      1. It serves as a map and a guide to accomplish a particular task or goal.
      2. It serves as a reminder.
      3. It serves as a reference for those members who are unable to attend the meeting.
      4. It serves as a corporate defense in case of litigations.
  • Who Prepares the Meeting Minutes?

      The minutes is prepared by the minutes taker who may be a professional note-taker or an active participant designated to take notes for that specific meeting, usually the secretary.

  • What Should Not Be Included in Meeting Minutes?

      Personal observations or judgmental comments must not be included, and statements must be neutral.

  • Why Are Meeting Notes Called Meeting Minutes?

      The term “minutes” in meeting minutes does not refer to time; instead, it means small. This comes from the Latin term minuta scriptura, which means small notes.