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Create Action Items and Meeting Agendas with the Help of Minutes and Agenda Templates Freely Downloadable through Template.Net. These Free Templates Can Now Be Customized to Cater to Topics and Discussions Involving Informal Committee Meetings Among Sample Projects in Numerous Business and Corporate Fields. These Can Be Downloaded in Word Document Formats and Edited through Microsoft Word.See more

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  • Documentation is an essential aspect when it comes to professionalism within the corporate world. Part of these relevant documents or materials is the meeting minutes. For those individuals looking for a meeting minutes, we have Ready-Made Staff Meeting Minutes Templates in Word[DOC] on standby. These templates are 100% customizable, editable, downloadable, and printable for your convenience. With the use of any of these templates, you are sure to provide your company with the best meeting minutes template available. Business professionals created these templates with quality and precision, so you can be confident that you have the best possible. Hurry and download any of these templates and speed up your work today!

    How To Create a Staff Meeting Minutes in Word

    Today's corporate world is multifaceted and complex. It's filled with many standards and measures depending on the nature of the industry the company is into. However, one thing is common within the corporate world—meetings. You have committee meetings, team meetings, departmental meetings, company meetings, and all other types of meetings. After each session, the minutes of the meeting must be written so that everything tackled within the meeting room will be acted out by the responsible parties. For this reason, if you desire to learn in creating an excellent meeting minutes, provided below are steps for you to follow through.

    1. Create an Outline

    Your first step in creating your minutes of the meeting is the general outline. You can create a structure with blank spaces for details later on. If you are inside the meeting room, it would be best if you create a flexible outline, but be sure to use a sample template on which you can use it.

    2. Summarize The Meeting

    After finishing the draft, you can then include the details as you deem fit. It would be best if the company, while at the meeting, uses a recorder or a video camera so that you can repeat anything that can be missed by the stimuli. Remember that you need a summary of the minutes only, so the management can use them as a refresher or a recorded reminder for any goals and plans that the company might have. Media kits are readily available on the internet. It would be best if you used them as necessary.

    3. Include Definite Actions

    Remember to include definite clauses and action plans within minutes. Keep it short, simple, and precise at the same time. Vague lines inside the minutes can create confusion and will not be an excellent tool for the company. Make sure to use the right words.

    4. Incorporate Materials And Other Media

    As an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), incorporation of materials and other media within the minutes of the meeting is a must. These media include but not limited to photos, videos, graphic templateslogos, and some other things as the minutes required. Creating a different folder for these things is also an excellent choice to make your minutes of the meeting as thin as possible. Do not put unwanted supporting materials on the electronic folder or the file, as this may lead to misunderstanding and unnecessary error.

    5. Manage The Document Well

    After finalizing the whole minutes, it would be best if your company has a document management system (DMS) to help when it comes to documentation and other material safekeeping. It's better if your company owns a website as well. Through using a website, your company can disseminate information and data as necessary. However, if you are using paper, make sure to put these files in safe places when you can digitalize them in the future.