Startup Analysis Templates

Establish Your Startup Business While Observing Porter's Five Forces with the Help of's Free Startup Analysis Templates. Come Up with a Graph to Determine Your Company's Financial and Market Status. Use Them with Our Swot Analysis Canvas, Competitive Analysis, and Competitor Analysis Samples to Help Fully Establish Your Startup. Compatible with PowerPoint, Download One Now!See more

Startups were often seen as businesses that fail, but recent studies show otherwise. Kauffman Foundation Research Series found that the startups and the entrepreneurs who build them are now valuable players in the economy. They don’t destroy jobs; they help create them. 

However, while many business startups do that successfully, others were unsuccessful. One of the reasons startups fail is because of a lack of in-depth planning and research. But many incubators help young entrepreneurs succeed in their venture. They guide them in creating a structure that could position them towards success. 

A much simpler and quicker way to develop a startup is through a startup analysis. It provides startups guidelines on how to conduct business and helps them plan their strategies. Startups can use several types of analysis documents, like value chain analysis, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, and trend analysis, among others.

It seems like a lot of work for a newcomer in the startup industry. But all these are easily found on We have startup analysis templates that can get you started with your business strategy. It comes in different formats, including MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, as well as Apple Pages and Good Docs and Sheets, and you can revise and edit them as much as you like.

Conducting these analyses will help you see your startup from different angles, and you will find that there is more than what meets the eye. Don’t wait when it’s already too late! Download your copy now!