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How to Create a Store Flyer in Microsoft Publisher

A store flyer is an advertising material that markets a retail store by using paper as its medium. It relays information a particular store would like the public to know about them. They are considered one of the effective tools for marketing products and services.

Graphic materials, such as a store flyer, are great when created with Microsoft Publisher. Publisher has improvised tools that will make any output considered an excellent finished product. It concentrates on publishing your file elegantly to make it presentation ready. Below, we give you guide steps to make this material in Microsoft Publisher.

1. Create Your Concept

Flyers are used as promotional materials. They are used to capture the attention of your target market without creating a concept. You can make it out from special occasions, like Mother’s Day, Valentines’ Day, back to school, or Christmas, or choose your brand products. It will serve as the basis for your flyer’s design. Not only it functions for the design, but it also what will mark the most to the people who will receive your material. So design a concept that will cause people to participate in your store’s event like organizing an online contest for winners to get additional discounts.

2. Actualize the Concept on the Flyer

Visualize your concepts on a flyer with our store flyer templates above that are downloadable for free. They are creative and modern templates that are customizable in Microsoft Publisher. But Publisher also got graphic templates that have conceptual designs as well. All you have to do with these templates is to modify them to meet your standards. Add photos of your cosmetic, food, clothing, furniture, and appliance products. Make them the supplement design of the concept. Complement them with one another for it to look visually good and attractive to your prospect customers.

3. Post Store Details

State your store’s announcements if there are any such as a limited days sale or promos. Aside from the alluring details, don’t forget to post your store details. Put its name, location, and products. Examine the details to see if you have typed wrong information in your sale flyer, the percent of the price rollback, the schedule of your store hours, or the dates your promotion is valid. These details will incline people to shop in your store. Make their font styles, sizes, and colors noticeable and legible. Use Publisher’s text tools to help you create beautiful texts.

4. Print and Distribute

Publish and save your file in Publisher format. You now have its digital copy. Produce its hard copy by printing a number of its copies. Distribute it to places that are within the vicinity of your store. You can also post it on your company’s social media account. Invite more customers with our marketing templates you can easily download, customize, and print in different file formats. Communicate with your customers with these professionally made templates that make your work faster and smarter. Get it done with us!

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