There are plenty of tasks waiting for the would-be store manager. In choosing the right person to play the role, you need to be keen and a bit picky. It’s important to choose the person who is responsible and skillful enough to do the job. Check out our Ready-Made Store Manager Job Description Templates so you can create a job description with appropriate content. Our templates are 100% customizable in various programs. Download your selected template onto your PC or wireless device. Convenience is what these sample templates provide. Hit the download button now to start creating a job description suitable for a store manager!

What Is a Store Manager Job Description?

A store manager job description is a notable document that lays down the general and specific skills, qualities, and the role of the position. It’s a tool that will help you choose the right candidate to manage your retail store.

How to Write a Store Manager Job Description

Store managers are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the store. In 2018, there are an estimated 153,000 convenience stores in the U.S., according to Statista. With this fact, you need to choose the right person to be the manager in your store to keep up with the competition.

Find out how you can write a job description you can rely on when you continue to read this article.

1. Be Accurate with Your Job Title

Do you need a general manager, frontline manager, or a functional manager? Are you looking for a customer service assistant for your retail or clothing line? Don’t be generic. Be accurate.

2. Write a Summary/Overview of the Job

It’s just an overview of the responsibilities of the job position. In other words, it’s general. Hence, make it brief.

3. Include the Job Responsibilities

This is the time when you need to detail the specific duties and responsibilities of a store manager. It sets expectations.

4. Add the Required Qualifications and Competencies

What specific qualities are you looking for? What are the skills and relevant experience that the candidate needs to have to be considered? This will help job seekers know what to include in their resume.

5. Proofread

In writing, proofreading is always a must. Even the best writers proofread their works.

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