Strategic Google Sheet Templates

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Preparing roadmaps are a routine task when it comes to formulating business strategies. With the help of our professionally crafted templates, you can prepare strategy roadmaps with only a little effort. Check out Strategic Templates in Google Sheets and choose one among our collection of ready-made templates that you can edit to fit your requirements and download it on your PC or mobile phone. Get a template now and formulate your business strategies with efficiency.


  • How do ready-made templates aid in formulating business strategies?

      1. The use of ready-made templates allows its users to create necessary documents writing them from scratch.
      2. More time and effort can be dedicated to other aspects of formulating the business strategy instead of dedicating time making roadmaps from the ground up.
  • What advantages do ready-made strategic templates offer?

      1. The users of ready-made strategic templates can create roadmaps pretty easily.
      2. The templates can be accessed from anywhere. Just download them into your devices that are connected to the internet.
      3. You can avoid redundant work by using the editable features of the templates.
      4. Using ready-made templates, you can significantly reduce the effort and time you need to dedicate to formulating the business strategy.
  • What computer applications are suitable for making roadmaps?

      Roadmaps can be prepared using many computer applications. However, presentation applications such as MS Excel, Google Sheets, and Apple Keynote are considered more suitable for creating informative visual aids like strategic roadmaps.

  • How do you make a roadmap?

      1. Define the strategy and make sure you have a complete idea of the entire plan.
      2. Gather the requirements for your strategy.
      3. Decide on the duration of the strategy and create timelines.
      4. Assign targets for milestones.
      5. Tailor fit your roadmap to its intended audience.
      6. Finalize and present the roadmap.
  • What else can you use Google Sheets for?

      Using Google Sheets, you can create the following:

      1. Worksheets
      2. Inventories
      3. Datasheets
      4. Receipts
      5. Invoices
      6. Schedules
      7. Timelines