Corporate visualization is nothing without strategic planning and execution. To help you with that, you need to create a strategic roadmap to convert all your plans into effective implementation. To keep things at ease, check our Strategy Roadmap Templates that are easily editable in Google Docs. Just directly sign up to our subscription plans and ascertain its benefits on you. 

What is Strategy Roadmap?

Unlike Gantt charts, a strategy roadmap aims for outcomes rather than outputs. This roadmap presents the metrics fundamental to presumed corporate success. Also, this functions together with the business vision and goals. Essentially, this roadmap helps business owners or the board not to get lost in their project management.

How to Develop a Strategy Roadmap in Google Docs

Often, after generating initiatives for your implementation plan, you need to develop a strategic roadmap. With that, developing a strategic roadmap in Google Docs refines your implementation. How to do this? Here are the ways.

1. Determine the Problems and Challenges

First, you identify the problems and challenges that you want to address at the end of this plan. Make a list of these problems so you will know what objectives to set to attain each.

2. Incorporate Challenges with Objectives

Once you determined your primary concerns, you now sought targets to address them. Your goals will be the objectives that you need to establish long-term growth in every phase of your plans.

3. Invest with Capabilities

Next, you determine your capabilities and create a comprehensive presentation of them. Your capabilities are your available resources, such as the people who will do specific tasks, the processes to follow, and some other aspects.

4. Fill each Capability Gap

Following, you need to assess the possible changes in your capabilities based on your overarching strategy and your planning tactics. This is necessary for you to fill the gap and apply changes applicable to each of your timeline.

5. Use the Appropriate Technology

If you completed every data needed to develop a roadmap, you now choose the appropriate software to provide you with a coherent and simplified digital transformation of your plans. Upon determining what program from which, you must check whether the software platform has features needed to help organizations with strategic planning.

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