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What is Strategy Roadmap?

The concept of business planning is complicated but has been prevalent for decades. There are different principles used to incorporate data accordingly, and today, there is a strategic roadmap. A strategy roadmap is a presentation of initiatives and implementation plans. This effort has paved the way for digital transformation that becomes an efficient guide for business owners to succeed in the field.

How to Create a Strategy Roadmap in Google Slides

Your strategy roadmap must be vision-driven. It must follow a continuous and coherent process. According to Chron, failure to provide as such may result in unclear organizational structure and poor execution of plans and strategies. To get equipped with knowledge on how to create a strategy roadmap, kindly check what follows.

1. Determine your Vision

First, you have to settle for a particular business vision for your project management. Your vision will serve as a lead and foundation of your entire strategy roadmap.

2. Recognize your Principles

Not all plans shall remain as is. It shall encompass the values to follow. Make sure that you have your outlines of values or principles align with your vision so that all your strategies result in an outcome where you presume you will land.

3. Establish your Strategies

Next, you come up with a list of your strategies for reaching your corporate goals and supporting your strategic planning. As pioneered by Rober Kaplan and David Norton, the age-old framework for establishing procedures shall view these into four (4) perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal (Process), and Learning and Growth.

4. Include your Tactics

To make your strategy roadmap functional, you must include the key actions or tactics needed to make your strategies operative. These tactics allow you to picture the reality of your roadmap and clarify each phase of your presentation.

5. Outline Possible Roadblocks

It is common in all types of planning to assume potential risks. Once you determine these risks, you may now add the actions that you believed would help pursue your programs.

6. Indicate Achievements

Strategic roadmaps must indicate particular areas for completion. However, a strategic roadmap is a cycle in which possible changes may happen, enabling you to adjust as possible.

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