How to Create a Strategy Roadmap in Apple Pages

A strategy roadmap is a time-based method to outline where a company is, to identify the company's vision and how to accomplish that ambition. It can also help your organization create the right plans, objectives, and encourage everyone to focus on their efforts to achieve them. Below are your guides to create a strategic roadmap.

1. Determine Challenges

Identify the challenges inside your organization to discuss how to solve this problem. According to an article by Forbes Neal Jensen, Founder of Better Business Services, notes that navigating a business is extra tricky these days. The rate of economic and technological transition means that the right path yesterday may not work today, and tomorrow might be a catastrophe. Solving these complex problems is what distinguishes those that excel from the companies that shut the doors.

2. Set Your Objectives

You must address each challenge you have identified with a clear mission. In making a list of targets, each needs to connect back to the similar problem precisely.

3. Plan Initiatives

After generating objectives for each challenge, you can start producing an innovative plan. You can even get a planner to be well-organized and to know which task you should prioritize.

4. Generate Roadmap

The final step is to build a roadmap explaining the implemented programs, and in what order. You can use it by compiling the content of each of the strategy roadmap phases into a presentation or document.

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