A strategic roadmap is a timeline-based strategy that explains where an organization is, where it wants to go, and how it will get there. It is a visual infographic representation that organizes crucial details relating to future plans and presents them. A common approach to planning is strategic roadmaps. For managers, these roadmaps are an efficient communication tool and connect strategic initiatives with business plans. Roadmapping serves as a focusing method that marshals efforts to achieve significant objectives.

There are several types of roadmaps. Each of them is a kind of strategy to guide progress towards an objective. The key factor in determining firm effectiveness is strategic decision-making. Sound decisions require information that is timely and appropriate. The strategic roadmap suggests that critical knowledge for strategic decision making is accessible to various departments and individuals in the company. For instance, awareness of technological advancement in the field of operations of an information technology company rests with people at lower levels of the organization. A roadmap describes a destination in terms of goals, timelines, and intermediate stops on the way. It illustrates the practical steps taken to get to the desired destination. It considers interdependencies between steps and foresees alternate paths that help maximize the allocation of resources and minimize risks.

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