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How to Make Ready-Made Succession Planning Organizational Chart Templates in Google Docs

Organizational charts are generally used to illustrate the relationship between groups of people. Whether you are from a huge corporation or a small company, an organizational chart will come in handy. A succession planning organizational chart is especially helpful since these help people identify who will be taking over certain positions once they have been vacated. So, how does one make a succession planning organizational chart? Well, we have outlined some steps for you to follow.

  1. Access Your Downloaded File on Google Docs

Make your organizational chart by opening the downloaded template on Google Docs. You may also start creating your organizational chart from scratch, but using our templates is much more time efficient. You also have the option to choose what kind of template you want to use.

  1. Input the Names

Next, put the individual employee names on the available spaces. Make sure that you write the correct spellings of the names along with their official designation.

  1. Create Additional Boxes and Lines If Necessary

If you belong to a bigger company, chances are, you'll be writing in a lot of people’s names. Thus, you have to ensure that the hierarchy is clearly shown. Make sure that employees are also under the correct department. Use connectors to establish the relationship between the management and the employees under their supervision.

  1. Make Changes As Seen Fit

Before having a final copy of your succession planning chart, make sure to double check if everything is in place. Edit your work as necessary. You can also be as creative as you want with the overall design of your chart.

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