The summer heat is on! It's not only the people who are busy for a taste of summer fun but also businesses and other organizations, too. With that, you need to stretch the information to people using summer brochures! So, here is a collection of top-notch Ready-Made Summer Brochure Templates in Adobe InDesign! These are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable. These are available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed. Our skillful designers made these brochures beautiful so that they can grab the attention of people. Don't miss any of these templates! Download one of these InDesign templates and fill the summer with glee!

How to Make a Summer Brochure in Adobe InDesign

One of the seasons that people look forward to is summer. When it's summer, people can go outside, enjoy vacations, and ingest delicious summer fruits. According to Gallup's poll, 25% of Americans said that summer is their favorite season. Although summer isn't first on the list, we still look forward to the summer breeze. With this, a lot of businesses, organizations, and establishments relate their events or advertising to this temperate season. One of the most effective ways to spread their information is through summer brochures.

But, before handing out brochures, you still have to make one. Well, don't worry. We will help you make an entrancing summer brochure. So, here are the tips:

1. Get to Know Your Target Audience

One of the first things you should consider before creating a simple brochure is your target audience. Do you know who your market is? If not, you have to have a clear picture of who they are. What do you think are the things that can grab their attention? You have to know them. This way, you can easily craft the event or promotional brochure only for them. Remember, having a target audience will help you understand how you can cater to their needs and communicate effectively with them.

2. Pour Out Your Creativity

Whether you're making a travel brochure, a travel agency brochure, a concert brochure, or a pool party brochure for summer, you have to be creative. You can incorporate colors using the summer palette to make it fitting for summer. To add, never overwhelm your audience with too much designs or creativity. You still have to limit them. You have to note that your brochure designs should be attractive to your target audience. You need to design for them and not for yourself. No matter how beautiful the designs are, if it doesn't sell to your target audience, they're useless.

3. Keep the Communication Channel Clear

Since you're using a written communication channel, you have to state your intentions clearly. When people read your marketing brochure, they shouldn't spend a long time understanding it. With that, you have to use words that are familiar to your audience. You also have to use images that are related to your message since images are communication tools as well. Don't add details that are not significant to your purpose.

4. Put a Call to Action

Given that you're communicating using a simple brochure, you have to tell them what to do next. You have to put a call to action on your advertising brochure. This will encourage your readers to take action about something. Some of your audience won't know the next step that they should do. If you don't have a call to action, most likely they wouldn't do anything at all. So, it's always safe to put a call to action.

5. Use a Brochure Template

If you want to have a professional-looking brochure for your company or event already, then download a printable brochure template. Templates are time-saving. You don't have to do a lot of things except for personalizing and printing the template. Choose the best summer brochure template that you want and customize it. Good luck!

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