It’s conclusive that the majority considers summer as the year’s most awaited season. It paints a picture of what most people regard as the best day of their lives: a summer holiday under the heat with a glass of margarita and the never-fading beauty of the sea and the white sands. This is not only a good time for vacation but of marketing ventures as well. Use the season to your advantage and employ a traditional marketing mix with our Summer Brochure Template in Apple Pages. It’s complete with full-bleed layout, high-resolution layout, and professionally written content. This is conveniently downloadable and printable across all devices. Download now and increase your reach this season!

How to Make a Summer Brochure in Apple Pages

It’s no secret that digital advertising has dominated all promotional channels. However, despite this fact, print advertising is far from extinct. According to Medium, brochures are still a relevant method of gathering engagement as it serves as a fresh approach away from the persistence of virtual interaction and a way to impose a tangible interaction with a target audience.

1. Make a Killer Headline

Consider how you’ll get noticed out of the hundreds of business brochures being put out in public every day. A killer headline will help you get the attention you need to call your promotion a success. Craft a statement or a slogan that stirs their interest and will prompt them to read your content.

2. Set a Clear Objective

Having an objective ready in mind sets your direction and purpose in a clear path. Ask yourself what do you hope to achieve through your advertising brochures and lay your groundwork from there. This will help you decide what goes to your content and what should be omitted.

3. Draft a Concise Content

Before directly commencing your designing process, make a draft of your content first. Make sure that your content is brief, clear, and engaging to encourage your audience to read everything text. A lengthy company brochure might have all the information, but no one would spare a time going through the entire copy, which defeats your purpose of getting attention.

4. Feature Strengths

Depending on what kind of industry you’re promoting, your product or establishment’s strengths, advantages, and edge should have a special spot on your printable brochure. For example, if you’re advertising a summer party on the beach, you should describe the location vividly as well as the activities during the event. This should motivate your audience to join the occasion.

5. Opt for a Brochure Template

Because brochures are promotional means, how you design its layout will ultimately affect the way people view your brand. You need a high-quality, professionally designed, and creative brochure. In the absence of a design team, getting a brochure template is your best option as it contains all the needed design and a content outline that you can easily customize to fit your needs.

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