How to Create a Summer Brochure in Microsoft Word

Want to make the most out of your summer? Well, it is the best time for family bonding and travel. So, take advantage of the season and gather your customers. The summer holiday is perfect for water rides and camp. Kids will surely love the beach with bright colors, lying on the sandbar, and making sandcastles. Where people enjoy taking photos, participating in programs, swimming, and indulging unique and mouth-watering delights by the sea—a dream-like venture for everyone, so, Invite your possible clients to have fun under the sun! Bring this perfect escapade to life by following the tips indicated below.

  1. Formulate a Unique Theme

First and foremost, for your modern brochure to be successful, you need to plan the theme you are going to use. It will be the image the customers will see first; this will set an impression for your brochure. Pick out a contemporary theme where youth can relate to — for example, Aloha and Paradise theme. You may also check out the latest innovations on the internet or magazines to give you a hint. This way, it’ll be easier for you to draw the attention of your customers.

  1. Pick a Hue

Alongside with your brochure theme, color is also an essential element for the cover page of your creative brochure. It gives life to your work. So, choose a color scheme that is relevant to your theme. Here’s a tip: if you would go with the aloha theme, use the bright colors green, red, and yellow colors. On the other hand, a paradise theme uses more of a muted and calming shade of blue, tan, and fresh yellow.

  1. Construct an Exciting Content

As a businessperson, you need to level up your content. Talk about the services and products you can offer in the content—the fun programs and special treats that are waiting for them. Then, talk about the dreamy ambiance of the resort or beach, and also, the appeasing sound of the waves, the breathtaking sunset, and the starry breezy nights. This way, you will catch their interests.

  1. End with a Splash

At the end of your content, do not forget to include the list of exciting deals you prepared for them—for example, the discounts and unique accommodations. It is an excellent service you can offer to them. It is the best way to boost your promotional campaign. End with a splash by being generous to customers.

  1. Maximize Your Brochure

Don’t have enough space for other content? Worry no more. You can use tri-fold brochures to maximize your business information. This way, you don’t have to worry about other details. Enjoy a functional and informative pamphlet this summer holiday. Plus, it helps you achieve an organized and spacious layout for the business details like the contact numbers and emails.

  1. Assess and Disseminate

After designing and filling up your printable brochure, it is time to review it. Scan through the crucial details on your content. Watch for revisions and polish everything. It is critical to attaining the best output. After doing so, distribute your work online or through hiring distributors. It will help to reach a greater audience in no time.

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