There's never a lovelier season that's synonymous with fun, adventure, and a sizzling excitement. Spend the best months of your life under the sun, dipped on a pool with a martini in hand. Bring the entire gang on a perfect getaway this summer season. Entice them with our premium selection of Summer Invitation Templates in Apple Pages. They come with a high-quality layout, original background artworks, and full suggestive content, all fitting for the occasion. They are readymade and printable across all devices for your convenience. They boast of high-resolution graphics laid with scalable vectors for convenient customization. Celebrate blue skies and sunshine with the best people. Download now!

How to Make a Summer Invitation in Apple Pages

In 2018, Mint, a budgeting application, recorded that 60% of their 2.2 million users canceled their summer vacation plans because they can't afford the costs. Mint found out that 44% of the travelers ended up spending more than what they intended to due to unexpected finances (e.g., tips, additional hotel services, airport meals). Explore the possibility of spending your summer in the backyard with all your family and friends. Gather them with fancy invitations and spend the night with merry and cheers. Here are some ways on how you can make an irresistible invitation card:

1. 4 W's and H

Make sure to include the core details on your event invitation. To make this easier for you, abide by the rule of 4 W's and H: who, what, when, where, and how. Your event's title, date, time, and location are a must, so that's out of the question. On the other hand, it's highly necessary that your guests know the person behind the celebration or the reason why they're holding the said event in the first place. This will serve as their guide on what to expect or what present to bring if they're planning to do so. On some occasions, the "how" is necessary when you need to include a "How to get there" rough sketch or instruction on how the guests should be dressed for the affair.

2. Keep Your Content to a Minimum

Your printable invitation details shouldn't be lengthy. Make it easy to peruse within seconds by setting all the needed information together in legible fonts and typeface style. Align them all in the center and allow ample space from the border. Avoid stuffing a lengthy statement. When there's a need to include further instructions, enumerate phrases, or use infographics.

3. Define Your Style

Establish what design you want your invitation to have. If it's summer-themed, you can opt to go for a tropical splash on a minimal layout, an elegant invitation laid with floral patterns, or a neon disco beach party. Determine the event's overall concept and draw aesthetic inspiration from there. This will provide visual consistency throughout your canvass. It will direct you on what color palettes and design elements to apply.

4. Paper Stock Matters

When you produce a printed copy of your invitation card, choose a heavy stock paper material. You can go for a glossy or matte textured stationery. Other options include cotton fiber, linen, glassine, or vellum. Thick cardboards also work well. Choose a stationery that brings out the best of your design. Poor paper quality will drag your invitation's quality down, no matter how impressive the graphic layout can be.

5. Choose a Suitable Template

If you're on a time-constraint schedule and would still like to have the best results, make use of an invitation template. This allows you to change the details with your own simply. It saves you a considerable amount of time and arduous labor of conceptualizing the entire layout from scratch. For a fantastic template selection, head to our massive library of templates. They come in all possible categories for every purpose or theme. Choose a design that matches your motif and planned result.

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