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What Is a Takeout Brochure

A takeout brochure is a paper document used by food and beverage establishments as an advertising material to promote their respective takeout menus. These food and beverage establishments are mostly fast food restaurants, fine dining restaurants, Mexican restaurants, pizzerias, bars, and pubs. Takeout brochures can either appear as a one page brochure, bi fold brochure, or tri fold brochure.

How to Create a Takeout Brochure?

Creating a takeout brochure is somewhat similar to creating a sample menu design. The reason why their creation process isn't completely similar is because they function differently. A takeout brochure is distributed outside the restaurant premises for promotional purposes whereas a menu is presented upon customers' arrival for their order to be taken. So with that in mind, we have gathered a few tips to help you create an effective takeout brochure for your restaurant.

1. Choose a Flexible Editing Software

A flexible editing software provides you with a lot of advantages when creating your takeout brochure. One of those advantages is that they allow you to personalize your takeout brochure as much as you want. Plus they're also user-friendly which means they're much easier to operate and navigate compared to mediocre editing software. Among your choices should be Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher.

2. Embed High Quality Photos

This is a very important tip that you must apply when creating your takeout brochure. Keep in mind that your takeout brochure is an advertising material. Therefore, it must grab the attention of your target market, and one of the very best ways to do that is embedding high quality photos of your dishes. To ensure that the photos are of high quality, what you can do is hire a professional food photographer and let them work the magic.

3. Provide Short Descriptions for Each Dish

The purpose why you should provide short descriptions is to give the reader an idea what the dish is. What you must include is the main ingredients on every dish. You don't have to make the short descriptions too wordy. One sentence with a few words will do.

4. Choose a Design Scheme That Fits

Whether you're using it to promote your seafood dishes, bakery dishes, or pizza takeaway and delivery services, choosing a design for your takeout brochure is entirely up to you as long as it fits. For instance, if you're promoting your seafood dishes, then what you can do is use a sky blue and apricot color scheme representing a beach. You can also attach clip arts of shells, crabs, fishes, and lobsters. In this way, there's an emphasis that your brochure is promoting seafood dishes.

5. Include Your Restaurant's Contact Details

One of the necessary info that must be present in every brochure is the contact details of a business. The reason why is for a potential customer to contact an establishment easily in case they have any inquiries. What must include in your restaurant's contact details are its contact number, email address, and social media pages. The contact details can either be present on the front page or back page of the brochure.

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