How to Make a Team Meeting Minutes in Apple Pages

Team meeting is inevitable in any organizational setting. It can be held monthly, weekly, or even daily. But, either way, it is important to keep a record of the discussion made in the meeting. It would be beneficial for your stakeholders and absentees as it would lay out the vital points tackled in the meeting. So, if an internal staff meeting would take place in your company and you are assigned to document, below are some tips that you can follow in making team meeting minutes.

1. Focus on your Agenda

Your board meeting would feel like forever if you do not have a specific agenda to talk about. Same with your meeting minutes, you need to focus on your agenda for you to relay the document properly. Remember that your agenda is the structure of your meeting, so you need to elaborate it well. Also, in that way, you can avoid wading irrelevant ideas.

2. Note the Meeting Information

After the agenda, you also need to include the meeting information into your document. You need to include the attendance list narrating the people who attended or failed to attend. Also, include the checklist of action items agreed in the meeting. Aside from that, lay out the decisions voted and agreed by the attendees.

3. Clarify Missed Details

There are instances where you cannot just cope with the details talked about in the meeting, so you need to clarify them. Do not hesitate to ask the speaker or initiator about it. For example, if you missed a detail about a certain event in your management meeting, you can approach the person who talked about after the meeting.

4. Maintain a Formal Tone

Remember that meeting minutes are legal documents. They serve as documents that would verify the record of activity of the company. As it is essential, you need to establish a formal tone all throughout the document. For example, if the language of the informal meeting becomes heated, do not translate it into your meeting minutes.

5. Record Votes

As you aim for transparency into your meeting minutes, you would need to record the number of votes in each decision. Record as to who makes the motion, what is the motion (verbatim), and which participant seconds the motion.

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