How to Write a Termination Notice

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last 2018, businesses laid off 21.9 million employees. And speaking of termination, if you're terminating a contract, terminating employment, or others, you need to make a termination notice. This notice helps both parties prepare for the end of their business relationship with each other.

And so you can start your termination notice now, check out the steps we've prepared for you.

1. Use a Formal Tone

When writing any business letter or notice, always remember that you should use a formal tone. A formal tone shows that you are conveying a serious message to your recipient. It also shows how professional you are in communicating with your recipient.

2. Provide the Reason for Termination

Although you're not required to provide a reason, if you can, just provide some. Most people will want to know why you're terminating a contract or employment. For instance, you're firing an employee because of work violations, then write it down. Or, for example, you're terminating a lease agreement as the landlord because you have a new buyer, write it in your letter so your tenant will understand.

3. Be Direct to the Point

Next, your document must be direct to the point. Don't add information that has nothing to do with the termination since this will make your notice longer than it should be.

4. Add Additional Details

If you have some additional details that you want the other party to remember, write them on the notice. For instance, you can write that your employee should return your company properties such as laptops and other materials. By doing this, you can help the other party prepare.

5. Grab a Template

Using a template can sure be a big help for you. When you use a printable notice template, you can quickly finish your notice without hassle. You can also reuse the template for the next termination.

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